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Easy Irresistible Silver Black Cat Eye Smokey Makeup Tutorial

Easy Irresistible Silver Black Cat Eye Smokey Makeup Tutorial

If you are wondered how to make glamorous and sexy cat eye smoky makeup, then we bring the easy and simple steps for our readers. The technique of cat eye smokey makeup involve various different steps of making cat eye makeup, winged eyeliner, top & bottom liner and sultry smokey eyes in 15mintues with perfection. Cat Eye Makeup & Smokey Eye Makeup involves similar cosmetics that are also detailed here for achieving perfect clean-cut look. One more thing, cat eye smoky eye makeup works with any eye shape and eye size.

Cat eye smoky eye makeup is very chic as well as timeless. A defined a sexy eyes look can be created by smoky cat eyes as it elongates the eyes. Cat eye becomes too much beautiful by the Smokey technique which is applied here in very easy method.

Things Needed:

1- e.l.f. Essential Smudge Eye Brush Makeup


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2- MAC Zoomlash Mascara – Zoomblack


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3- NYX Cosmetics Eye Shadow Base – White


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4- MAC Eye Kohl Eye Liner – Smolder


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5- MAC Paint Pot – Painterly


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6- Anastasia Beverly Hills Bold & Beautiful Kit


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Step-By-Step Tutorial:

To achieve the similar cat eye smoky eye for all types of eyes, follow the simple easy steps using the similar cosmetics mentioned above if you want to get the exactly same smokey cat eyes:

  • Udine a soft eye liner pencil, create a Cat Eyeliner. Any dark color pencil can work best for cat eye makeup. You can also apply winged eyeliner for your cat eye makeup.
  • Use a “pencil brush” or “precision eye brush” for blending of the pencil onto the eyelid. It will create a smokey eye effect.
  • Onto the similar brush, dab a small amount of dark eye shadow to set the pencil. We used jet black mat eye shadow here. The color of the makeup is slightly altered here. Apply this eye shadow to the half of your eyelid carefully and blend.
  • Well blend the pencil with eye shadow to maintain the basic cat eyeliner shape.
  • In the remaining half of eyelid, apply any of the complimentary eye shadow for cat eye smokey effect. In our cat eye makeup, we used silver glitter eye shadow.
  • Again pick the same liner pencil to line the bottom lash line as well as to apply eye shadow perfectly between the lower lashes.
  • On the bottom waterline, pencil brush is used to blend in the liner pencil. In this way, a Smokey look will be created on the bottom eyelashes too, as similar as the upper eyelashes line.
  • Use 2-3 layers of black mascara to coat eye lashes. Mascara is also used to create mega big eye lashes.
  • A highlight on the bottom outer corner of the eyes is created by using silver eye shadow. This is done for enhancing cat eye shape with black smokey eye makeup.
  • Your sax killing black and silver cat eyes smoky eye makeup is ready to glamour the night.

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