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10 Best Makeup Tips for Eyes to Make them look Bigger

10 Best Makeup Tips for Eyes to Make them look Bigger

These days, bigger seems to be better!!! It can be a tricky task to apply eye makeup on small eyes. Every girl wants her eyes to look much bigger to engulf anyone’s attraction. No doubt, men find larger and bigger eyes more mesmerizing and attractive. ProLadiesTips brings you the Best Eyes Makeup Tips and Tricks for Small Eyes that can not only pop up your eyes, but also give them a much bigger look.

10 Best Makeup Tricks for Small Eyes:

Try our Best Tips and Tricks For Your Small Eyes Makeup that can give you brighten, bigger, widen and popping up eyes than ever before:

1.     Groom Eye-Brows:

  • To make your eyes look larger, proper grooming of eyebrows is necessary as they frame your eyes. So keep your eyebrows neat and finely shaped.
  • Your eyelid can look smaller if stray hair is present at the bottom of the brow, so remove them.
  • Also pluck, brush and pencil while messy hairs at the top of eyebrows as these can serve as a distraction. Check Eyebrows Grooming Kit on Amazon.

2.     Conceal Dark-Circles:

  • Underneath the eye, a concealer is used to hide dark circles which can make your eyes looking smaller.
  • Use a little lighter shade of concealer than your skin tone as it gives popping eyes with standing out eyelashes. Check Branded Under-Eye Concealer at Amazon.

3.     Apply Eyelid Primer:

  • Beforehand, apply a primer for the creation of a smooth base for eyes makeup. Different Eyelid Primers are available online.
  • By applying primer on eyelids, you can also make your darker eye-shadow to stay longer on the outer area of eyelid to make smaller eyes look bigger.

4.     Highlight Under Eye-Brows:

  • Under the brow-bone, a light color should be applied just under the arch of the brow to highlight your eyebrows.
  • A matte pencil or a shimmering shade is best for this step. Check Amazon for further guidance.

5.     Lighten Inner Corners:

  • To the inner corners of the eye, White Eyeliner should be applied as it brightens and elongates small eyes. It is the most important hack trick for making your eyes looking bigger and popped out.
  • A shimmer pencil can also be used as it will give a more dramatic effect to your small eyes looking bigger at night events.

6.     Apply Eye-Shadow Tactically

  • Along the upper lash line, apply a Light Color Eye-Shadow as it makes small eyes appear larger. You can simply use a highlighter color only.
  • To create depth, a Darker Eyeshadow can also be used, but the best would be a Mid-Tone Eye Shadow Colour as it will not make your eyelids appear closed and heavy.
  • To make eyes more pronounced, eye shadow is applied to the crease first and then pulled up and out towards the outer corner of the eye for the creation of an illusion of extended and lifted eyes.
  • In order to make the eye look as large as possible, the dark eye-shadow colors are always kept away from the tear-duct of eyes.

7.     Apply Eyeliner Delicately:

  • Draw a line along the base of the upper eyelashes using a Liquid Eyeliner. Wing up the liner beyond the outer corners of the eye to draw the eye out and pull it upward.
  • You can also use any Colored Eyeliner to tone it down a bit to give your small eyes a wider and brighter look.
  • Do not line your bottom eyelashes with black eyeliner as it narrows your eyes. Use any Nude Eyeliner for this purpose, as it will reduce redness under eyes to give a wide-awake eyes look.

8.     Curl Eye-Lashes:

  • You can simply widen your eyes by curling your eyelashes. Check Eyelashes Curler at Amazon.
  • Eyelashes curling can quickly give a lifted look to your small eyes.

9.     Apply Lengthening Mascara:

  • After curling your eye-lashes, apply few coats of volumizing mascara. For best results, choose Lengthening Mascara.
  • To draw the eyes upwards, more focus should be given to the centre of the upper lash line.

10.    Don’t Neglect Final Touch-Up:

  • Clean all the traces of mascara, liner or shadow on your cheeks and area under your lower lashes.

So from today, stop using black eyeliner and bright eye-shadows to make your small eyes looking brighter and longer. Try our best Tips and Tricks for Standing out Your Small Eyes Looking Bigger & Larger!!!

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