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10 Most Common Beauty and Makeup Mistakes to Avoid

Most Common Beauty and Makeup Mistakes to Avoid

To look stunning and gorgeous, you should avoid some very common and biggest beauty mistakes and blunders that can easily turn men off. We all make certain classic beauty mistakes in winters and summers that should be avoided. When it comes to beauty, all women make certain basic grooming, beauty and makeup mistakes that Proladiestips is pointing out here as the best beauty and makeup advises ever!!!

1.     Don’t Apply Conditioner Throughout Hair:

  • Conditioner should not be applied in the same manner as that of shampoo. The reason is that the hair which are closer to the scalp area, are healthy and growing new which do not need any hair conditioner.
  • You should apply conditioner from middle of hair. The reason is that such hair is older and that is why needing conditioning.
  • If conditioner is applied from hair roots, it will let your hair look greasy and heavy.

2.     Don’t Apply Mascara On Lower Lashes:

  • It is a common beauty and makeup mistake that nearly every woman commits.
  • Avoid applying mascara on the lower eye lashes as it will result in the formation of fine lines traces on the lower eye lids.

3.     Don’t Spray Perfume or Body-Spray after Dressing Up:

  • You should apply perfume before having dressed up as perfumes are made to be applied on skin, rather than fabric or cloths.
  • If perfume is sprayed on dress, it will cause staining of the fabric. Plus, with passage of time, it will smell unpleasant too.
  • The correct way to apply perfume on skin is that a perfume should be sprayed or dabbed on the skin at base of the throat, pulse points on wrists, behind the knees or earlobes etc.

4.     Don’t Apply Eyeliner In Speed:

  • Liquid eye liner needs practice for application. Therefore it should not be applied in hurry.
  • It is better to use pencil eye liner as beginner.

5.     Don’t Apply Different Shades Of Lipstick & Lip-Liner:

  • Always try to avoid the application of one color of lipstick and another color of lip liner shade.
  • It is the most embarrassing beauty mistake that woman do. Just imagine the picture that would create when the lipstick disappears but liner remains.

6.     Don’t Choose Wring Blush Color:

  • In order to give a radiant glow on your cheeks, always choose soft and translucent blusher colors.
  • For fair skin tones, rosy pinks and peaches blushers are perfect. Avoid too much brown shades.
  • For darker skin, corals, oranges, rich bronzes and berries blushers are best.
  • For medium skin complexion, pink and peaches blushers are the perfect choice.

7.     Don’t Apply Foundation Before Drying Of Moisturizer:

  • To even out skin tones, apply foundation but wait for the moisturizer to dry out completely and get soaked into the skin.
  • Do not try to create a mask-like look to cover the whole skin.
  • If you would not give time to moisturizer for drying off, and apply foundation then it will result blotchiness on face.
  • A tinted or light weight foundation should be used to avoid this big beauty mistake.

8.     Don’t Neglect Neck When Making Up:

  • A little foundation should be applied on neck also, when you are applying it on facial skin.
  • If you do not apply foundation on neck along with face, then it will be the biggest beauty blunder as it will look your face and neck of two different shades.
  • Also apply a little sunscreen on your neck and chest when applying to the face as the neck skin is very delicate and sensitive that will age earlier.

9.     Don’t Neglect Eyebrows Shape:

  • The entire shape of eyebrows should be taken care as the eye brows get thinner and faded with age.
  • The eyebrows should be kept in even shape. You can also apply brow liner or brow mascara to fill eyebrows spaces.

10.    Don’t Use Powder All Over Face:

  • Dusting loose powder over your shiny spots of face including forehead and nose is all right as this practice neutralizes grease and oil from face.
  • If you sprinkle and dust powder all over your face then it is wrong as it will result in emphasis of facial fine lines as well as spot light of dry spots on face.

Follow our exclusive and classical 10 common beauty mistakes that woman commit along with the 10 important beauty advices to avoid these!!!

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