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10 Simple Ways to Get Rid of Dark Circles Around Eyes Naturally

10 Simple Ways to Get Rid of Dark Circles Around Eyes Naturally

Dark circles under eyes are one of the common problems of ladies. If you want to get rid of dark circles around your both eyes, Proladiestips helps you with tips and trick for removing dark circles around both eyes easily at home.

Causes of Dark Circles:

  • The skin around both eyes has fine texture and completely free from oil glands. As compare to the other skin of face, this skin is very thinner as well as fragile.
  • So, the skin around eyes needs to be handed with special care. If you do not do this, dark circles will appear around your eyes that will reflect signs of neglect, aging, stress and internal health problems.
  • Certain other factors also contribute to dark circles of eyes including hereditary factors, lack of sleep, sickness, diet poor in nutrients, etc

How to Get Rid Of Dark Circles around Eyes Naturally At Home:

We bring certain homemade remedies for the cure of dark circles around both eyes. Our recommended 10 best home natural remedies for dark circles are given below that you can try at home:

  1. Rose Water Cotton Pads:
  • 2 two thick square pads of cotton wool are made which are then soaked in rose water or cucumber juice.
  • Tea bags can also be used as an alternative to cotton wool eye pads.
  • Both soaked pads are placed on both eyes when you are in lying position.
  • Keep these soaked eye pads on eyes for 15minutes.
  • After the given duration, wash your eyes with plenty of water.
  1. Cucumber & Potato Juice:
  • It is applied around both of the eyes with dark circles on daily basis.
  • This common dark circles cure at home is adopted by very girl. Let the juice remain on the skin around both eyes for 15 minutes. After it, wash off your eyes with plain water.
  • If you are suffering from puffiness along with dark circles around your eyes, the best cure for it is to mix cucumber juice and potato juice in equal proportions.
  • Let the juice remain on the skin around both eyes for 15 minutes. After it, wash off your eyes with plain water same as above procedure.
  1. Tomato Juice:
  • To lighten the dark circles around eyes, tomato juice is applied on the affected area.
  • Tomato juice is also suitable if you want to lighten the skin complexion in that area.
  1. Cold Milk/ Cold Water:
  • To treat puffiness along with dark circles, have a compress of either cold water or cold milk directly over closed eye lids in lying posture.
  • The compression is applied for 15minutes daily.
  1. Avoid Facial Masks:
  • Normal facial masks should never be applied on the skin around your both eyes as it leads to dark circles.
  1. Remove Make Up Carefully:
  • Try to remove the makeup around your eyes with special car as the skin around eyes is delicate and very thin.
  • Do not pull or stretch skin around eyes for removing makeup. As a preventive measure, apply a cream and then gently move your fingertips to remove makeup.
  1. Sleep Properly & Avoid Stress:
  • Live a stress free life to get rid of dark circles around eyes.
  • Also sleep for 8 hours daily to avoid puffiness as well as dark circles.
  • Practice meditation or deep breathing for relaxation as it also prevents dark circles progression.
  1. Exercise:
  • Do exercise on daily basis as it is a good source of improved blood circulation.
  • Exercise also improves oxygenation of skin tissues around eyes, resulting in lively skin and prevention of dark circles.
  1. Balanced Diet:
  • Always go for nutritious and balanced diet as it is the simple and easy natural beauty tip to remove dark circles under eyes at home.
  • Balanced diet to get rid of dark circle includes unprocessed cereals, skimmed milk, beans, lentils, cottage cheese, salads, sprouts, fruits, and yogurt.
  1. Dark Circles Eye Cream:
  • To treat dark circles from the areas under and around eyes, special eye cream for dark circles has been formulated. So avoid using heavy creams.
  • A simple and best dark circles eye cream contains almond. The purpose of almond is the nourishment f skin as well as lightening effect on the skin color tone.
  • The necessary caution for dark circles cream application is that it should be used as per prescription and should never be left fro over-night period.

If you want to look fresh and healthy by getting rid of dark circles and puffiness under eyes, try our best natural homemade tips and tricks for dark circles treatment!!!

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