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15 Bad Beauty Habits You Must Avoid to be Natural Beautiful

15 Bad Beauty Habits You Must Avoid to be Natural Beautiful

Avoid bad beauty practices that are very much prominently observed on your looks. By breaking these bad beauty habits, you can enhance your beauty much more towards natural platform. If you are committing bad beauty and makeup habits, it will cause fragile nails, unhealthy skin, dry hairs, bad feet etc. the entire gorgeous and beautiful look gets spoiled due to bad beauty habits.

1.     Not Removing Make-Up:

  • In order to keep flawless skin and clear complexion, all traces of makeup, oil and grime must be cleaned off before going to bed.
  • If you won’t clean your makeup before going to sleep, skin pores will get clogged and result in pimples, rashes as well as skin allergies.
  • Before starting any workout at gym or normal working routine at home, wash your face as pores get block with makeup and ultimately results in pimples as makeup does not allow your sweat to evaporate from skin pores.

2.     Touching Face Frequently:

  • Do not touch your face again and again with dirty hands as these cause skin allergies.
  • If you touch your face with grime or oily hands, then it will result in skin blemishes and face acne.

3.     Popping Pimples & Pustules:

  • Do not remove your pimples, skin pustules or blisters, whiteheads or blackheads etc using your fingers or nails.
  • If you try to remove pimples from your face, then it will cause scar formation.
  • Furthermore, oil and grime from your fingers can also cause facial skin acne problems.

4.     Bad Hair Combing:

  • Never untangle your hair with a hair brush as it can cause hair breakage. For this purpose, always use a Use wide toothed comb.
  • Avoid wet hair combing as the roots of hair are loose and easily vulnerable too. If you comb wet hair, your hair loss will be more.
  • Do not sleep without combing your hair. It is one of the most observed bad beauty habits. If you do so, then it will avoid the natural oils present on scalp to reach uniformly throughout the hair.

5.     Washing Hair Daily:

  • If you wash your hair daily, it will let your hair to dry out.
  • Wash your hair only when these are very much oily. Otherwise, avoid washing your hair on daily basis.

6.     Over-Heating Of Hair:

  • The hair follicles get damages with blow drying, straightening, and curling of hair.
  • If you heat up your hair through any means, then it will let your hair to lose the shine along with weakening of hair strands.
  • As a preventive measure, always use a heat-protecting hair product whenever you expose your hair to such heat.
  • Also consider to give a deep conditioning treatment to hair once in a week as this practice gives essential nutrients to moisture deprived hair follicles.

7.     Insufficient Hair Rinsing:

  • If you do not rinse your hair with sufficient quantity of water, it will lead to cause dull hair.

8.     Over Plucking Eyebrows:

  • Over plucking your eye brows is counted among the bad beauty habits woman do.
  • Over plucking of eyebrows not only weaken eyebrows hair but also lead to their permanent stoppage to re-grow.
  • Eyebrows over plucking also make you look much older than your real age.
  • Always consult a professional beautician to get your eyebrows shaped properly.

9.     Putting Rubber-Bands in Hair:

  • Never use an uncovered elastic band or a rubber band to tie your hair, either in single or repeatedly twisted around hair.
  • If you do so, it will lead to hair breakage as well as cutting of hair shafts.

10.    Skin Tanning:

  • If you have a habit of exposing yourself to the midday sun, then it is a bad beauty habit.
  • It is better to sunbathe in early evenings as sun-rays are not very harsh that time.
  • Sun rays also have adequate amount of Vitamin D that is good and necessary for skin.
  • Always keep and maintain the balance when you expose to sun.

11.     Use of Dirty Makeup Brushes:

  • Use a mild shampoo to clean makeup brushes everyday and also air dry these.
  • It will help your makeup brushes preventive from bacteria, dust and dirt particles.

12.     Shaving Hairs:

  • If you have bad habit of shaving hair, then it will lead to the hair growth from cut-off mid shaft instead of from the root.
  • This will ultimately causing thicker and coarser hair re-growth.

13.     Nails Biting:

  • Nail biting is a bad habit that causes your nails susceptible to untidy cuticles and hangnails.
  • Nail biting also leads to nails’ shabby look along with ruining nail beds.

14.     Preventing Teeth Floss:

  • Preventing the growth of plaque is good for teeth as well as heart.
  • A recent research shows that an association is present in bacteria that are the cause of plaque on the teeth and the plaque in the arteries of the heart.

15.     Rubbing Eyes Frequently:

  • Do not rub your eyes with your hands as this not only cause damage to your eyelashes but also causes severe eye infectious conditions.

Try to avoid our above mentioned 15 bad beauty habits and we bet you a stunning, beautiful and gorgeous looking woman body!!!

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