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4 Homemade Natural Recipes & Tips for Fast Hair Growth

4 Homemade Natural Recipes & Tips for Fast Hair Growth

The most lovely and precious feature is long hair for a large proportion of women. Every woman wants her hair to be shiny, abundant, luscious, long and healthy. The fashion trend keeps on changing and it is seen in case of hair fashion and styling trends too. Once again, the trend of long hair fashion has come back. Therefore, Proladiestips brings the ultimate secret and guide that cover 4 best and natural ways and tips that can let your hair to grow much faster and healthier than ever.

Tips & Methods for Fast & Healthy Hair Growth At Home:

There is a massive range of products that are available in the market for the hair care and hair growth, because the demand of long hair is increasing. For their profit, they have also increased the prices of their products for hair care. This is he reason why hair care is expensive as well as prolong and excessive use of these products can cause chemical damage to your lovely and sensitive hair.

Therefore, we bring the natural and homemade hair care tips and recipes that can cause instant results in the form faster and healthier hair growth. These are simple and easy DIY homemade natural tips for Fast hair growth with recipes that are available with no cost in your kitchen.

  1. Eggs Mask:
  • Eggs are the best food for fast hair growth in all forms as these contain high nutrients rate.
  • Egg hair mask is the most common natural recipe for fast hair growth that can be prepared at home in 2 minutes.
  • Make an egg mask and apply on your hair for wonderful and fast hair growth.
  • The mineral nutrients present in egg include sulfur, zinc, iron, selenium, phosphorous and iodine.

How to Apply:

  • To make egg hair mask, an egg white is whisked along with honey and olive oil.
  • Leave this mask on your hair for 20minutes.
  • After that time period, wash your hair with plenty of cold water and usual shampoo.
  1. Onion Juice:
  • Onion or shallots are used for fast hair growth as the effective hair care treatment.
  • A large quantity of sulfur is present in onion juice that builds up hair collagen and results in better and faster hair growth.

How to Apply:

  • Onion juice for fast hair growth can be made by chopping one onion which is then squeezed to make onion juice.
  • Apply onion juice to the hair roots.
  • Leave onion juice to hair for 15minutes and then wash with water and usual shampoo.
  1. Coconut Milk:
  • When it comes to hair care natural homemade tips, milk and coconut can serve the best for hair growth faster.
  • When you will apply coconut milk, it is the best of all homemade natural tips for hair growth.
  • Vitamin A, potassium and iron are abundantly present in coconut link that trigger hair re-growth.

How to Apply:

  • Apply coconut milk to the roots of hair.
  • Leave it on hair for 20 minutes and then wash with water and usual shampoo.
  1. Potato Paste:
  • Among all homemade natural recipes for hair growth, potatoes paste or potatoes crush is one really simply and easy homemade hair care remedy.
  • Vitamin A and D are richly present in potatoes that are essential for hair growth.
  • For the building block of hair, vitamin A and D are required.
  • Those people who are suffering from Alopecia can get the benefit of hair growth from potato hair paste.
  • This homemade mild remedy tip can be used frequently and continuously for hair growth.

How to Apply:

  • Grate a potato or simply juice it out.
  • Apply it to the roots of hair.
  • Leave it on hair for 30 minutes and then wash with water and usual shampoo.

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