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4 Methods to Make Own Shade Lipstick & Gloss At Home


Make your own personalized lipstick and lip gloss at home that is inexpensive and chemical-free. If you are fan of lipsticks like me, then try my own homemade lipstick recipe to invent the lipstick of your own personalized shade. In makeup kits, lipstick is the most powerful makeup item. You can have any look with your lipstick shade- fresh and natural, sexy and sultry, sweet and feminine, or powerful and daring. Highlight your face with any of these essence trying your own shade homemade lipstick and glosses.

Methods to Make Lipstick at Home- Easy Steps:

If you are having difficulty in finding any specific lipstick shade e.g. purple, pink, brown, red, blue, green, orange etc, that are crazy and makes your bit different, then ProLadiesTips brings you the recipe to make any shade lipstick at home easily. Follow given tutorial to make lipstick at home. We are giving 4 methods to make homemade lipstick:

  1. Crayon lipsticks.
  2. Basic lipstick recipe.
  3. Using old lipstick.
  4. Natural Lip glosses & lip stains.

1.     How to Make Crayon Lipstick:

How to Make Crayon Lipstick

To create your own lipstick using crayon is a very simple homemade DIY lipstick recipe. Crayon lipsticks have really vibrant and out of the world shades e.g. aquamarine or neon green lipsticks. Crayons are not harmful at all. Kids even eat them and perfectly turn out okay. Crayons are harmless and made from pigments and wax.

Things Needed:

  1. Crayola box (having 64 or 152 crayon pieces for unlimited lipstick shade options and combinations).
  2. Cocoa or Shea butter.
  3. Any extra virgin oil e.g. olive, coconut, argan, almond oil etc. (We used Josie Maran Argan Infinity Lip Oil).
  4. Empty lip balm tube/ lip balm container.
  5. Essential oils (It will make crayon like smell and waxy lipstick nature).

How to Make:

  • Select your own special color combination. For this purpose, more than 1 crayon can be used. In order to fill 1 empty lip balm tube, you need 1 crayon size amount. Make ratios as per your choice to make any shade of lipstick.
  • Take the crayons in a small saucepan. Set the smaller saucepan into a larger one. Now, place the larger saucepan over medium heat to let the crayon melted.
  • When crayon gets melt, pour a little quantity of your chosen oil into it. Also add 1 drop of essential oil into melted crayon and oil mixture. Essential oil will mask waxy smell of crayon from your lipstick.
  • Pour the whole mixture into lipstick container and freeze it till it becomes harden.
  • Your own shade DIY crayon lipstick at home is ready. Apply it on your lips with glamour!!!

2.     Basic Lipstick Recipe:

Basic lipstick recipe

Use our DIY tips and method to make lipstick at home. It will be your basic lipstick recipe at home with easy steps:

Things Needed:

  1. Bees wax- 1
  2. Cocoa or Shea butter- 1
  3. Coconut oil- 1
  4. Natural coloring agent- 1

How to Make:

  • Take a glass jar and place Shea or cocoa butter in it along with coconut oil.
  • Take a pot of simmering water and drop jar into it. Wait till the butter gets melt.
  • When the butter is melted properly, add optional ingredients along with selected natural coloring pigments into it.
  • Transfer the content into freezer to make it harden.
  • You can try natural ingredients for your lipstick shade. For e.g. add cocoa powder for brownish or nude lipstick, add little turmeric for orange hue lipstick, add beet root to get sheer red lipstick. Experiment with ingredient and its amount to get desirable lipstick shade.
  • You can also add ¼ teaspoon of bentonite clay in your lipstick mixture, as it will give you a matte lipstick effect.

3.     Use Your Old Lipstick:


It is the most cost-effective method to make lipstick. If you do not like your too purple or too orange or too brown shade lipstick, mix them to match your desirable shade homemade lipstick:

Things Needed:

  1. Existing lipsticks.
  2. Bees wax or petroleum jelly (optional).
  3. Empty lip balm tube / lip balm container.

How to Make:

  • Microwave your old lipstick without its tube for a few seconds to melt it. Melt more than one lipstick as per your choice.
  • Now mix the melted lipstick in empty lipstick tin or container till the desirable color is achieved.
  • Add bees wax or petroleum jelly for moistening effect.
  • Leave it in freezer for few minutes till it become harden again.
  • Your customized homemade lipstick using old lipstick is ready.

4.     How to Make Lip Glosses & Stains:

How to Make Lip Glosses & Stains

Most women prefer glosses over matte lipsticks. If you want to look young and fresh, try our lip gloss recipe at home. Make your own unique lip gloss shade at home with ProLadiesTips:

Things Needed:

  1. Berries- 1 cup.
  2. Petroleum oil- few drops (Melt the product to have oil).
  3. Olive oil or Aloe Vera gel- few drops.
  4. Liquid dropper.

How to Make:

  • Wash berries properly and de-seed them. Different kinds of colors can be obtained from different types of berries. Choose any of the desirable color combination that will work for you. For e.g. blueberries, raspberries and cranberries etc.
  • You can also use multiple types of berries, as per your choice.
  • Berries are smashed to form pulp.
  • Mix berries pulp with Aloe Vera gel that will give them gloss. For a lip stain, add few drops of olive oil into it.
  • Store into an airtight container and refrigerate it.
  • Your own color lip gloss & stain is ready to give your lips shine!!!

If you have any homemade lipstick, lip gloss or lip stain recipe, share with us on our Pro G+ Page. Also learn our Natural Tips to Make Lips Pink & Softer!!!

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