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4 Pro Secrets To Make Mascara Lasts Longer On Eyes!

4 Pro Secrets To Make Mascara Lasts Longer On Eyes!

If you want to be mascara pro in NO time, then try our best and mind-blowing tips to enhance mascara life on eyes to maximum. We all love mascara as we all want long and heavy lashes every day, every time. Nearly all branded mascara is good in their quality, but meanwhile their cost is also very high. Buying expensive mascara is not a big deal when it comes to a woman’s eyes beauty, but when the mascara vanishes too early from eye lashes, it becomes a real irritation.

ProLadiesTips brings you the best-ever tips to enhance mascara life on eye lashes. Try these golden secrets and see how much your mascara lasts on your lashes!!!

One Golden Tip:

  • Simply add about 5 drops of saline solution or eye drops into your mascara to make it last longer.
  • Saline or eye drops can moisten the mascara and make it last a bit longer.

1.      Tip# 1:

  • Never pump the wand of your mascara, ever as it will cause the air to rush into mascara container.
  • Air makes the mascara to dry out faster than usual and decreases mascara life.

2.      Tip# 2:

  • Mascara be used on lower eyelashes first and then on upper eyelashes.
  • If you want a more casual look, mascara should not be applied on lower eyelashes in such a case.

3.      Tip# 3:

  • After the proper coating of both lashes with mascara, you should also add one further layer of mascara to the outer corners of lashes.
  • You can easily make your lashes look especially longer with this step.
  • Application of one more layer of mascara to the outer corner of eyelashes also makes the eyes appear farther apart.

4.      Tip# 4:

  • Take care of mascara storage. Tightly close the mascara tube or container after use.
  • Also keep the mascara in a cool and dark place as it does not let your mascara to become dry and clumpy on eyes and tube.

Do you know any mascara tips to stay it longer on lashes for your friends??? Share with share with us on Pro G+ Page. Don’t miss to check out our post on How to Choose the Best Eye Shadow for your Eye Color?

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