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5 Foods That Will Make You Look Younger

5 Foods That Will Make You Look Younger

Who does not want to look younger??? The answer is EVERYONE!!! If you want to look much younger than your actual age, then try our 5 ultimate foods secret to always keep you young and beautiful. Although as other say that quitting nicotine and alcohol plus avoiding too much sun rays can let you look younger is true but the real secret to look younger than 20years is hidden in foods and meals of everyday life. Be cautious about eating foods as the wrong dietary pattern can really induce inflammation on cellular and then tissue level, as confirmed by dermatologist.

Food is always better than a Pill, so learn 5 foods that can lead to healthy and younger age skin. Go for those foods that can avoid cellular level inflammation which is involved in aging of your healthy skin. Keep your skin healthy, lovely and younger with the following 5 foods that eradicate inflammation from the root which is the main cause of wrinkling, sagging, and premature aging of younger skin.



  • Tomato is a fruit that contains a red colored pigment in the flesh, known as Lycopene.
  • The role of lycopene is that it is a very potent antioxidant agent that prevents sun to cause skin damage as similar as a sunscreen agent but it performs it from inside out.
  • For the best absorption of lycopene, you should take tomatoes along with olive oil.

Leafy Green Vegetables:

Leafy Green Vagetables to look young

  • All leafy and green vegetables have a pigment, known as Lutein.
  • The function of lutein is to shield skin from those inflammatory changes and wrinkles that are induced by sun rays.

Sweet Potatoes:


  • Sweet potatoes contain an orange colored pigment, known as Beta-carotene.
  • The function of Beta-carotene is to balance the pH of skin to the normal value i.e. slightly acidic – at about 5.5.
  • Furthermore, beta-carotene also prevents skin from dryness as well as promotes cell turnover.
  • Overall function of beta-carotene results in smoother and younger skin.

Citrus Fruits:


  • All citrus fruits have Vitamin C in composition.
  • The function of Vitamin C is building up of collagen which is the necessary and important part of younger skin.
  • Collagen starts breaking down when a person reaches age 20 which is again built up by taking Vitamin C of citrus fruits and vegetables.
  • Citrus fruits also possess Bioflavonoid which performs the function of protection of skin from UV rays as well as prevention of skin damage that ultimately results in young-looking skin.

Wild Salmon:


  • Wild salmon fish contains a pink colored pigment, known as Astaxanthin.
  • The function of astaxanthin is to antagonize and kill free radicals of skin that lead to damage cell membranes and DNA, ultimately resulting in skin aging and older skin.
  • A study shows that one serving of Wild salmon for 5 continuous days can cause the prevention of actinic keratoses that are rough ugly pre-cancerous skin patches.

White Foods NOT To-Be-Taken for Younger Skin:

  • You should avoid white bread, pasta, rice, and other refined grain products if you want to have younger skin.
  • The reason is the breakdown of grain products leads to rapid production of sugar that binds with blood circulating protein resulting in the advanced glycation end products (abbreviated AGEs).
  • AGEs result in the inflammation and stiffness of skin collagen, causing skin wrinkles and aging.

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