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5 Tips for Looking Beautiful Without Makeup Naturally

5 Tips for Looking Beautiful Without Makeup Naturally

Every woman wants to look as much beautiful as possible. She wants beauty in an aspect that radiates and embraces without caking on layers of makeup on face. If you want to look naturally beautiful without applying any makeup in everyday routine, then we bring the secret tips that make you look beautiful without any makeup or skin care treatment by beautician. Feel natural fresh-faced and beautiful without makeup by the help of our useful tips to look beautiful naturally.

1.     Your BFF Should Be Your SPF:

  • Sun rays cause damage to skin if you do not use any sunscreen.
  • Apply sunscreen daily in the morning whether it is a sunny day or not.
  • According to Sun Safety Alliance, nearly 80% of our overall sun exposure is incidental. Sun radiations cause pre-mature skin wrinkles and skin damages if you do not stick to best SPF.
  • A broad-spectrum sunscreen is applied everyday as the morning priority. It will keep your skin looking healthy and young.
  • The easiest way to get clear, healthy, glowing skin by SPF is the ultimate way to feel and look beautiful without makeup.

2.     Your Morning Drink Should Be Hot Water, Not Tea:

  • F you are fond of taking hot tea cup early morning, then try to switch your likes to hot water with lemon.
  • A cup of hot water and lemon mixture is a good source not only to wake up your slept sense but it also flushes out toxins to purify your body.
  • Hot water with lemon also minimizes the chances of any skin sensitivities in future.
  • If you use this mixture then you do not need to apply skin highlighter, as water when hydrates the body, the skin will also get supple with the dewy skin glow.


3.     Your Skin Scrub Should Be Twice Weekly:

  • Avoid skin suffocation and skin pores blockade by the incorporation of simple exfoliation twice a week. It will be done by removing all dry, dead, and dull skin cells and ultimately will lead to dewy glows on skin.
  • Apply skin scrub twice weekly; otherwise dead skin cells will become opaque inhibiting light to reflect properly. So scrub on your skin to have well glowing skin naturally.
  • The method of making best skin scrub is to mix equal parts of baking soda and water by proper stirring. After proper mixing, apply this scrub on the face and rub on skin gently for 2-3 minutes. After it, wash you face and pat dry and moisturize it with few drops of coconut oil.
  • Your healthy skin without any facial treatment will give you natural beauty with this skin scrub.

4.     Your Hands Should Be Kept Away From Skin:

  • Facial skin is very delicate and it can easily be torn, stretched and damaged by certain un-noticed activities like resting chin on palm, rubbing of eyes, forehead massage, popping pimples etc.
  • All these activities cause production of micro-tears in skin that further leads to future skin wrinkles. Not only this, a gradual degradation of skin also starts with it.
  • So just keep hands off face as the hands away from face will avoid all micro-tearing of skin.

5.     Your Self-Tanner Should Be Tea:

  • The easy and quick way to feel beautiful without makeup is to look with your own healthy skin tone.
  • You can easily create your own tan for skin by following a simple procedure of making skin tanner.
  • 2 cups of water are boiled. Add 5 tea bags in it and leave for 20minutes. After cooling of tea, tea-bags are removed and the solution is filled in a spray bottle.
  • Spray this solution on yourself in 1 body part proportion at a single time. Before the application of another coat, the skin should properly be dried off.
  • Apply another coat. The skin should be properly dried off before you go and get dressed up.
  • Tea skin tanner can give you soft skin with adequate moisturizing feel. No doubt, you can easily have a killer faux-glow skin.

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