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7 All Natural Beauty Tips from a Supermodel – Molly Sims

7 All Natural Beauty Tips from a Supermodel - Molly Sims

Proladiestips reveals the ultimately best 7 All-Natural Glamorous Beauty Tips by Molly Sims, who is a great American super-model and actress along with the attraction of Victoria’s secret.

For more than 20 years, she has been working in modeling industry. To look the best, you should first feel the best. These are the tested and proved tips and tricks by supermodel that can easily give you radiant, youthful, healthy and beautiful body.

Top 7 Supermodel Natural Beauty Tips:

  1. Do Sweat Exercises:
  • Sweating is very good as it helps in weight losing.
  • Sweat exercises also help to open up the blocked pores of skin which flushes the toxins out of body.
  • Sweat exercise can be done by wearing a trash bag during work out. It sounds stupid, but helps in weight loss to many pounds.
  • The benefits of sweat exercise can e increased by sitting in a steam room or sauna after working out, as it effectively sheds your body water weight.
  • By working out through sweat exercise 3-4 times weekly, you can have a slimmer and tonner body as compare to normal exercise done all 7 days of the week.
  1. Spruce Up Drinking Water:
  • It is better to spruce up your drinking plain water with any sweetened or favorite ingredient.
  • A youthful, young and radiant complexion requires balanced hydration of a woman body.
  • You can spruce up your drinking water easily by transforming it into a cocktail. For e.g. : add few mint leaves in drinking water or squeeze lemon in it or even you can muddle cucumbers in drinking water.
  • It is appealing, maintain hydration status of body, tastes much better as well as serves as an excellent metabolic booster.
  • Molly Sims adds a few drops of naturally flavored stevia in her drinking water. She also has a habit of storing her drinking water fancy glass in fridge to keep it refreshing and cool. Plus, she uses stainless steel straw to drink water as it encourages her to drink more.
  1. Dry Brushing, Exfoliation & Moisturizing Treatment:
  • The least expensive DIY spa treatment is dry brushing of skin. You should perform most effective dry brushing which is achieved at the driest state of skin.
  • Dry brushing effectively sheds dry and dead skin as well as the internal circulation is also enhanced by it.
  • After dry brushing skin, it is advised to take shower as it facilitates shedding any further dry dead skin & grit and grime. Improve the dry brushing bath by exfoliating your skin with sugar scrub that makes soft and smooth skin in just 15minutes.
  • After bathing, use a natural skin moisturizer for e.g. organic avocado oil which is easily available at grocery stores. This oil has vitamins A and E that moisturizes skin. Also it has Sterolins that boost skin collagen build-up and reduces age spots. Avocado oil can also be used as a hair serum for growing and healthy hair.
  1. Take Fiber Diet:
  • By incorporating fiber in your diet, you can high your metabolism and low your weight. Sue to this, Molly Sims eats fiber crackers topped with low-fat cheese and tomatoes.
  • Try to eat completely vegetarian once in a week as fruits and vegetables are the ultimate big source of fiber.
  • Molly Sims is also found of sweet dishes. To weight loss, she takes chocolate calcium bites and dark chocolate squares that are good source of anti-oxidants to lose weight.
  • Low calories hot cocoa with mini marshmallows is also a part of her diet to satisfy her sweet tooth.
  1. Don’t Afraid To Dine Out:
  • People are afraid to eat at restaurants due to weight gain fear. You can avoid be following Molly Sims dining out tricks.
  • She suggests taking salad to get fuller faster before any meal. Also she checks what is in menu, so it won’t take time and tempting for her to order.
  • She always order vegetarian food whenever she dines out for e.g. steamed broccoli with garlic or steamed spinach with Dijon mustard.
  • When she order a non-vegetarian food, she goes for grilled meat with butter or little oil, instead of ordering meat fully drenched in sauce.
  • Always go for high maintenance whenever you go out, says Molly Sims.
  1. Greasy Hair Combating Tricks:
  • If you want to get rid of greasy hair, try dry shampoo. It is an excellent hair styling product as well as helps in more than one day lasting of hair appropriately.
  • If you have dirty hair, hid these with braids. T is also a fact that greasy hair helps the fancy braid making more.
  1. Travel More As Routine:
  • Traveling gives you a smart body and mind. Molly Sims says that traveling first started with her clothing as she used to wear black pants and oversized grandpa sweater or blazer. Also she uses some accessories including hat and aviators.
  • To add a fun styling element in your traveling model wardrobe, wear a scarf. Chose light fabric scarf in sunny days, and the winter is at peak, wrap your scarf around you as a blanket.
  • The clothing during traveling should be comfortable and wrinkle-resistant, and Molly Sims wardrobe proves her chic and smart woman.
  • She always focuses on the time zone where she is traveling, to get adjusted with the new city. It gives her comfort as well as healthy mind and body.

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