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7 Golden Tips to Become Head to Toe Natural Beauty

7 Golden Tips to Become Head to Toe Natural Beauty

To be a natural beauty, you are not required to use harsh chemical beauty products millions of time. If you want to look best with shiny hair and glowing skin, start following our 7 golden rules for beauty and glamor for skin, hair and your overall body to be a natural beauty woman.

1.     Fresh Faced:

  • A few grapes are sliced in half and the cut sides are rubbed over clean skin for a radiant skim complexion. It happens because fruit acids act as natural exfoliators.
  • Apply any chilled eye cream that is stored in fridge from the outer corners of eyes towards the nose for refreshing tired and puffy eyes. It happens because the excess fluid in that area is drained off.
  • Arnica and tea tree oil are used in combination for zap blemishes. The reason is arnica is anti-inflammatory and tea tree oil is antibacterial.

2.     Face Masks & Moisturizers:

  • Apply a moisturizer with black tea extract before sunscreen to stay protected from sunlight. The effect of UV radiation on skin is decreased this way that prevents sunburns.
  • Apply facial mask when you are in shower to make face mask more effective. The reason is that steam in the shower area opens your skin pores for efficient penetration of ingredients inside.

3.     Beautiful & Bronzed Skin:

  • You can have a bronzed skin without any self-tanners or without sun. To get bronzed skin, make a mixture of 1 teaspoon organic sunscreen and a pinch of loose mineral bronzer and apply it on your face.
  • Kiss the Ceiling yoga technique helps you to firm jaw, neck and throat. For this purpose, slowly tilt your head back, pucker up, and try to kiss the ceiling. For better and instant results, repeat this yoga 4 times a day.

4.     Hair Improvers & Helpers:

  • Hydrate your hair with a hydrating mask of hair that contains all-natural olive oil to treat parched hair strands.
  • Sulfates containing shampoos should be avoided to preserve hair color. The reason is sulfates have detergent property that fades away hair color.

5.     Iron-Free Hair Curls:

  • Apply and rub natural light-weight hair mousse with organic orange extracts throughout damp hair to make hair curls soft and touchable. The tendrils should be left for air-dry without touching them for a frizz-free final look.
  • To create tousled hair waves, mix 1 tablespoon sea salt in 8 ounces warm spring water and fill it in a spray bottle. Also add 10 drops of organic lavender oil. After shaking well, spray it on damp hair and let it air-dry for better look.

6.     Sleek & Strong:

  • A few drops of Argan Oil Hair Serum are sprayed throughout damp hair to add shine to hair. The argan oil makes hair strands glossy and shiny without weighing them down.
  • Apply a rich and protective styling cream for hair to prevent hair breakage prior to using hot hair tools.

7.     No More Hair Frizz:

  • Use alcohol-free hair moisturizers to prevent hair frizz. The reason is that if the hair is well hydrated then it would not take in additional moisture from the air which does not let your hair to frizz.
  • Apply mayo mask for hair to strengthen hair. After application of 1/2 cup mayo into hair via combing, wait for 15minutes and then rinse with cool water. Also shampoo as per usual way.

Try our best 7 techniques all 7 days a week to turn into a natural beauty woman with glamorous hair and beautiful skin.

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