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7 Ways to Be a Hot Girl

7 Ways to Be a Hot Girl

Who does not want to look attractive and Smokey hot??? Being a woman, I rarely born into hotness, but achieved it with some skills that I am sharing. Get noticed by everyone even when you are walking in a room by following 7 secret tips for being the hottest girl at any spot!!!

1.     Act with Breathtaking Essence:

  • Your Unstoppable Confidence & Bold Body Language can prove you the best and amazing among many people. Communicate with people by standing tall and keeping your chin parallel with ground. Look straight ahead and keep your shoulders back. It can give you the confident body language. Socialize with people and also make few seconds eye contact when communicating with people. Ignore gossips, confrontations and rumors. Do not mumble and do not speak in too much high volume. Maintain your volume reasonable and normal and speak clearly.
  • By Paying Pleasant Complements to others, you can show your confidence that you are not jealous of them as you have much more. Give a genuine compliment to anyone of whom you want to gain attention. For delivering a compliment, keep your voice volume slighter lower than normal with smile.
  • Master Slight Flirting Art as it can let the people interested in you without knowing the reason. For subtle flirting, you can try things like keep looking a guy in whom you are interested. Throw quick and small glances at him till he notices and then look away to make him interested in you. Also make slight whispers when you’re talking to him. Give slight touch feelings etc.
  • By Having an Edge, you can be super-hot. Being on the edge, you can look hottest along with pretty and cute. Certain things that can give you edge is playing outdoor sports, changing your car wheel, skateboarding and even being extroverted.

2.     Body Care:

  • Keep Good Hygiene as it can give you more appealing looks instantly. Try our golden rules to become head to toe natural beauty within 3 days.
  • Shower & Scrub For scrubbing, try out our natural homemade scrubs that can give your natural looking hot body.
  • After shower, also Cleanup Your Nails and tows of both hands and feet. Try our manicure & pedicure for this purpose. Natural nail care tips should also be followed.
  • Moisturize every part of your body. For this purpose, make your own homemade moisturizer for face & body. Check out our natural body moisturizer recipes.
  • Give importance that how you smell. Wear Fragrance in any form, whether body spray, perfume, deodorant etc.
  • Treat Your Skin. Apply facial cleansers and moisturizers two times a day. Also treat your acne at home to have flawless and glowing skin and face.
  • Brush your teeth two times a day. Also, Floss these anytime of the day just once. It can avoid bad breath and yellow teeth that are not the characteristics of a hot girl.

3.     Have Lovely Hair:

4.     Have Flawless & Glowing Skin:

  • Check our Natural Tips and Skin Care section that can give your Hot and Glowing Face and Skin All these can lighten and even out your skin tone. You can have baby soft glowing and flawless skin. Also you can treat acne, wrinkles, large pores, whiteheads, blackheads, clogged pores etc from your face. Just visit our mentioned sections to explore all these remedies.

5.     Wear Elegant Makeup:

6.     Make A Great Body:

  • To become hot, you are required to be in shape. For this purpose, Exercise Daily. Make a workout plan to have a model-like body. Read what Molly Sims Model does to have good and in shape body. According to the Victoria Secret model, sweat exercises are best of all.
  • Eating & Hydration should also be balanced. Keep a good dietary pattern and chart. Also take 8-10 glasses of water daily.
  • Manage Your Body Hair. For this purpose, take care of the hairs of Legs, Armpits, Bikini line, Eyebrows, Lip or chin.

7.     Wear Stylish Clothing:

  • Wear Suitable Cloths that can give you hotness from head to toe. You can look hot and sexy by the right selection of clothing. Wear what suits you. Wear dark when your need to hide anything and light to high lighten the body features. Clean your outfits daily.
  • Be Fashionable in the selection of your dress according to the occasion and event. Also wear hot and sexy accessories to become much more stylish.

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