20 Ridiculous Beauty Products That Actually Exist & We’re So Confused

Beauty standards might be ridiculous, but in general, things have started to shift. Nowadays, the rise of accessibility and the celebration of differences seem to be creating a more diverse beauty field (and social media feed).

It’s a great time to be alive, and an even better time to introduce ladies everywhere to the world of beauty. But what about all those ridiculous standards they’re still working through? Believe it or not, they seem to have morphed into something entirely new.

Skincare companies and beauty brands have begun crafting ridiculous beauty products, and shoppers are super confused by most of them. They might understand where brands are coming from in some cases, but some of these ideas just totally miss the mark.

Average beauty-loving babes are not necessarily interested in the extremes that the beauty companies have decided to create. But they are interested in the extreme products that they’re pushing.

Everything from questionable creams to super stretchy wrinkle-guards grace this list in an effort to sum up the most ridiculous, confusing, and hilarious beauty products that are on the market today.

They might not get most average folks totally photo ready, but they’re certainly good for a laugh… or a snack, in some cases.

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