10 Celeb Marriage Proposals That Were Truly Epic (& 10 That Were Just Meh)

Everyone loves weddings. But they love epic proposals even more.

Especially when everyone’s favorite celeb is doing the “proposing.” After all, their loaded wallets and high-profile reach allow them to create some of the best marriage proposals out there in the world.

It’s a Hollywood fairytale thing!

From enchanting their lover with an elephant ride and a stroll through a royal garden to renting out an entire stadium and an orchestra, some celebs know how to bat it right out of the park when they propose to their significant others.

But not all celebs have the know-how to pull off something so epic. Not because they weren’t trying. But because things went weirdly wrong along the way. Hey, even stars can’t get every performance perfect.

Like, realizing while on their knees that they forgot to bring the ring. Or, when they had to chase down a few trucks just to get to their ring in time.

So here are 10 celeb marriage proposals that were truly epic, and 10 that were just meh.

Just watch out for the proposal that went NSFW! And the one that went full out Hollywood. Because sometimes real life can be truly stranger than fiction.

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