Our Monthly Horoscope For February: Lifestyle, Relationships & Love

While stress for Valentine’s Day is beginning to brew, it is time for every sign to turn their lens inward and focus on their mental health. Not everyone will be feeling peaceful and lovey-dovey vibes.


February has the signs split down the middle, with half of the astro signs experiencing boosts in motivation and cosmic energy, while the latter half shift into nesting periods of low energy.

Water signs, especially, should prepare to get cozy this month. Jupiter shifts into retrograde, which is the main culprit for everyone’s varying energy levels. Scorpios won’t be able to stop themselves from curling up on the couch and binge-watching Netflix… Meanwhile, a Capricorn will be organizing a plan for world peace.

For Pisces, texting will be their downfall when it comes to dating, while Virgo will be urged to keep their love life under wraps. The New Moon will challenge everyone’s ability to communicate, which always leads to unnecessary drama.

February is strange, to be sure, but how will it affect the most romantic month of the year?

So which signs will spend the 14th solo, and which signs will be swept away on their dream date? Here’s every sign’s monthly horoscope for February, including lifestyle, relationships, and love.

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