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Benefits of lime juice

Lime juice is a type of water used in the treatment of some diseases such as gastric inflammation in children, which contains lime melted in medicine and in children. It is a type of lime that occurs after firing of limestone containing 10-25 percent of clay in water lime content. The quicklime formed during this cooking is combined with silica and aluminum. The lime thus formed is in small pieces and consists of di-calcium silicate. Powder formation occurs by treatment with water, but cannot be ground. After quenching in water, it should be at least 10% CaO in the lime interior to form a powder. The lime thus formed does not dissolve in water, becomes solid and hardens. Therefore, it can be used in structures in water. The benefit obtained by using water lime in buildings is at the same level as the benefit obtained by using air lime. The upper part of lime water has more strength than air lime and it can harden in water. The compressive strength of water lime in 28 days is between 20-250 kg / cm2.

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Lime water damages; Lime in water has more than one damage. It is possible to sort them into three items.

Microbiological damages; Where lime water is used, the lime deposited in the form of lime layers forms the environment in which the instrument can produce bacteria. This causes bacteria to multiply over time. These bacteria can spread to plates, forks, knives, laundry and then pass on to humans, causing illness.

Psychological harms; Hard water causes physical problems on human health if used in daily life. Breaking your hair and hardening of your skin are some of the examples that can be given to these events. This kind of issues that cannot be prevented or stopped can be raised and accumulate over time and increase the nervous tension of the people. Lime juice is actually one of the disturbing sources and mostly affects daily life.

Physical damages; Calcium and magnesium, which cause water to become hard, cannot be consumed when it enters the body and accumulates in the form of storage. This leads to blockages in the veins, stiffness in the vessels, stones in the kidney and liver, and diseases occur. The lime formed as grains enters the body and becomes attached to one another and adheres to each other.

Damages of lime water

Damages of lime water, mineral water contains lime water. Water containing calcium mineral is alkaline water. The formation of whitish deposits in the teapot, kettle and coffee machine during boiling and frequent clogging of the shower head and strange stains in the sinks are related to the fact that the water is very lime.

It is known as a negative feature of lime and sediment occurring during boiling of water with high mineral value, whereas these are water-insoluble magnesium and calcium carbonate compounds which give their hardness to high mineral waters and which are formed during boiling. Is our water hard? Soft Is the lime content in water measured by pH value. One grade corresponds to 10.3 mg of calcium carbonate per 1 liter.

In summary, the difference can be distinguished as follows; Soft waters: below 15 degrees pH Moderately hard waters: 15 to 35 degrees pH Very hard waters: Above 35 degrees pH Damages caused by lime scale, Drinking too much lime water does not have any significant health effects. However, there are some drawbacks to the presence of excess lime deposits. Hard water minimizes the cleaning property of soaps and detergents; This is why the use of detergents to a large extent adversely affects water pollution.

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