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Invention of the Wheel

For a long time I have been in the discomfort and unhappiness of the rapid disappearance of nature. Today, I believe that the inventions and insatiable consumption ambition of human beings are preparing our end.

On December 12, my sculpture exhibition, which I have been working on for a long time, will be inaugurated and we will have taken the first step as ’Ecrin Life Center’ project, which we focus on giving back what we have received from nature. As Neyad family, we are proud and delighted.

The figure in my statues consists of rhinos. (I’m a little curious. I’m aware, but I’m in a state of emotion that words are not enough for oral expression.)

The theme was to give back what we have received from nature and to provide the right to protection and housing. We started the countdown with excitement.

Among the subjects I read and researched during the preparation, working and production process of the exhibition, which lasted about four years, was the starting point of the process of destroying nature with the development of human beings.

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Aside from the joke, is it possible that human beings become mobile with the invention of the wheel and that they consume rapidly since 3000 BC by ruling nature?

I do not know? Maybe the culprit is fire. After all, aren’t they both invented by mankind?

Today’s spelling examines this subject a bit and reminds us a little bit less if we forget who we are and what we do.

The wheel was invented, manhood broke down.

Man’s greatest war is against nature. He fights with endless ambition to destroy it and constantly consume it. Thanks to the invention of fire and the greatest invention immediately following the ’Wheel’ ’the human being, whose invasion and destruction power increased, prepared the end of the world by destroying all natural resources.

If we take a closer look at the discovery of the wheel, it was carried out in ancient times. Therefore, there is no precise information in the sources about who found the wheel and how many years it was found. However, it was found that the oldest wheel remains were dated to 3000 – 2500 BC. The British historian Maccurdy said of the history of the wheel: ”The wheel is a roll of paper or leather backed silindir. Excavation results are also matched with what the historian says. Archaeological excavations in the Sumerian countries in the history, BC. Sledges and cars have been found since 3,000. This shows that the car was discovered after the wheel was invented. Car means; The two wheels are connected to each other by axle and a non-ferrous plow is placed. This has been confirmed in research. B.C. The cars in the Sumerian ruins of 3,000 are like this. It is estimated that these cars were used primarily as vehicles for animals. So mankind had found an easy way to drive the fields. Later, it became the tools used to make people mobile. Behind the scenes of this invention, which is seen as an extraordinary step for the supposed development of humanity, brought the destruction of nature.

With an insatiable appetite, our ancestors who were curious to discover new places took over and exploited nature. We continue to exploit and consume at full speed.

Human beings are the only creatures that do not produce and harm nature by seeing their right to life as superior to all living things in nature.

Today, all living things, from birds, bees, insects and rhinos, work in a certain production in nature’s own cycle. On the other hand, human beings consume what they produce and slaughter these creatures.

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