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who invented the school

The history of schools dates back to Ancient Greek Civilization. Information from the ancient Greek period shows that the students gathered in a specific facility and studied in various academic fields. The best known of these schools is BC. Akademia was founded in 385 by the Greek philosopher Plato, who taught philosophy. 

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Primary school system M.S. 425 records indicate that it was used in the Byzantine Empire. This system was destroyed in 1453 when the Ottoman Empire ended the Byzantine Empire.

Some of the sources of the discovery of the schools indicate Islamic Civilization. Having a strong knowledge of Islamic culture indicates the existence of an education system in which systematic administrations are applied.

Mosques were first used for school. Madrasas were opened in the 9th century. Later, during the Ottoman period, mosques, hospitals, soup kitchens and various facilities were built around the madrasas and these institutions were aimed to be intertwined with the public. Today’s universities have important connections with Ottoman madrasas. The foundation of the madrasas and today’s universities was laid.

The word Okul school, has been translated from French “école dilim into our language. In 1935, the word known as “school bilinen in the Ottoman education system was changed to“ school..

Sometimes we hear from our children: ‘Who invented this school?’ There are many unanswered answers to this question. According to some sources, the history of schools goes back to ancient Greece; According to some sources, it dates back to ancient Egypt or Sumerian civilizations. Assuming that the ziggurats in Sumerian civilization are used for educational purposes, it is claimed that schooling with Sumerians has started. In Egypt, for the first time, only wealthy children were educated.
Then the public children began education. Education was widespread in China. Respect and discipline-based education is adopted.
We already know the value given to education by the Turks and the Ottomans. Education has shaped society since ancient times.

Is Education Modern?

On the other hand, the modern education concept, today’s education with class and school system, emerged after the French revolution.
Although we say modern, it is accepted that it is not suitable for today. In such a fast-changing world, it is impossible to expect a system that was adopted two centuries ago to be sufficient for young people. I believe that a rapid change in the understanding of education awaits us all over the world. In recent years, we have felt intensely the contribution of technology to education with smart boards that we frequently see in schools.
Of course, these boards should be seen only as a step.


For example, fast developing technology will enable the use of virtual reality glasses in the classroom. In this way, students will learn by experience. Experiments will be replaced by experiences. They will experience the outside world, natural phenomena and unthinkable quantities in the same environments as reality.
The period in which the students sat in successive rows facing the blackboard had already ceased to function. It is said that Microsoft now works on a horizontal screen that children can sit around and touch. These and similar projects will enable the student to be active in the classroom and act together. I don’t need to say the importance of design in education.


The boundaries of time and space in education will be lifted at the next stage. Apart from formal education, e-learning has already become widespread. Virtual intelligence will also be able to develop customized training programs in the future. So there will be more productive learning. I don’t know what to think in the future, but the necessity of a school environment for social development is a fact. Nowadays it is very easy to obtain information. The importance of applying knowledge is increasing. The exams will be aimed at measuring this.


These changes will be experienced in a not too distant history with the wind of dizzying rapidly developing technology. With the wish of a future full of brotherhood and peace, where all the walls that prevent the exchange of love will be lifted along with the school walls.

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