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Save the fruit

Dreams: I dreamed that I came to my grandfather’s village and there are many people gathering at my grandmother’s house, some of whom are relatives and some from neighboring neighbors. My grandfather sends a man out of the fig and he happily distributes it to all relatives. I get a good one too. Unlike my cousins, I do not eat at all, but I keep a few sub-everything left over. All the cousins ​​make fun of me and at the same time my eyes open.
Explanation: This dream shows that you have a strong desire and desire. More and more money will be generated inside of you, but to no avail. There will be no peace in the heart. You should be contented, offer prayers, pray frequently after each prayer, and do some charity in Allah’s way.

To kill a snake

Dream: I found myself lying in my room and studying a book. At the same time, when I go out to hear some screaming noise from outside, I see my mother and sister scared and screaming at a snake. I quickly grab a wiper from the yard and try to kill it. Sometimes he is dragging somewhere in the corner, I hit him and then when he gets thick, I put him in the raw pitcher of my yard and put him on top. After that my eyes opened and I couldn’t remember anything else.
Explanation: It is a good dream which shows that by the grace of Almighty you will be able to overcome your enemy and conquer the enemy. What should you do with your prayers? After every prayer, ask for forgiveness often and do some necessary charity in the cause of Allah. Prayer will also be offered in meditation.

Look at the happy bird

Dream: I dreamed that I had wandered into a mountainous area like Kashmir Side. Walking around in a jungle there, I see a tree, so I see a very happy bird sitting on it. I’ve been standing there long enough to watch it. He too is sitting still, as soon as I pull out my mobile to take a picture of him, he flies away. After that I don’t remember what happened in the dream.
Explanation: This dream is good and argues for good luck. By the grace of Allah, you will increase your dignity. Providing elderly in your family will also increase goodwill. Growing your wealth will also help your business grow. You should offer prayers and often do yahoo or qayyum. What to do as well as to charity and charity.

Around the house

Dreams: I saw that I was cleaning the house in my village as it was rough, so there was a lot of thunderstorms that were not diminishing in any way. Applying water makes mud everywhere, but it does not sit in the garden. Although our village house is rough, it has never actually been so severe that the balloon is raised and then it is like fog.
Explanation: This dream shows that Allah may not burden your head with unnecessary and sudden expense. It can also mean disruption to the business, such as a late exit of a property or a delayed return of money. Allah may not even turn to borrowing. You should try to follow the prayer coffin and frequently use the yahi or qaum.

Elders wear hats

Dreams: I dreamed that the matriculation had come and I was going to the nearest café with my friends in the other neighborhood because I was not literate that a friend of mine got a phone call that all her Come home We walk to her house together. While passing by the market with an elderly friend, one of our friends stops by to greet them with literature. Seeing this, we too stop and begin to greet them. They embrace me with great compassion when they raise my hands and take a hat off my pocket and put it on my head, and we all address it as if it’s time to pray. On this we all friends go to the mosque with them.
Interpretation: It is a good dream and shows that with the grace of Almighty you will receive a reward from your elders and their attitude will also change. There will be success in the religion and the world and mentally belong to Allah. You should offer prayers and study the Holy Qur’an before the night.

Watching brothers fight

Dream: I saw that I came to Macca after a long day and was talking to my mother sitting in my parents’ porch. At the same time, my mother and I go out to hear my brother’s quarrel, and there my two brothers are arguing about splitting the property with each other and buying a separate house. My mother is very upset over it and falls down, but the brothers still do not. I start to see my mother in distress, but in panic I don’t understand that I do. In the meantime my eyes opened but this panic kept me still.

 Interpretation: This dream shows that Allah may not suffer any unforeseen distress or anxiety which may cause disturbance in the comfort zone of the home. It can also mean disruption or closure in business affairs, which can lead to loss of resources. You should offer prayers and often do yahoo or qumu’ad after prayer.
Be patient in prayer

Dreams: I dreamed that I was in my house and used to go to Wudoo ‘for Tujhid After praying, when I raise my hands for prayer, I feel relieved. I can not pray but start crying aloud. All the time the bus goes on crying that my spouses then shake me and then I get up early and head to the kitchen for breakfast and while working there I constantly think that I had prayed there. Or to talk about the fruits. After that I don’t remember anything special.
Interpretation: Your dream is good Arguing on good deed, Allah will be blessed with blessings. This will facilitate domestic business life. You should offer prayers and often do yahoo and qayyum. How to read al-Baqara daily? As easily as you can.
Meeting Dad at Home

Dream: I saw that I was in my ancestral home while in trouble we sold it. For many years, I have noticed that we slept on the roof like we did in our childhood. The light is gone and I am walking on the roof. At the same time, I see a light from the sky appear as lightning. Its light makes our roof look like the light of day. In this light is my father who comes to the roof of the house. I am happy to see them and they also look at me with a smile, but strangely, despite this light, the rest of the family are asleep.
Interpretation: Good nightmare that argues for your dad being in a good place. Good spirits keep coming. This shows that you, too, will receive a favor from your father. That is, the wealth will be blessed. You should offer a fivefold prayer and frequently perform yahoo or qayyum. For the sake of rewarding the souls of your father, everyone should read the verse karma a million times and send them gifts.

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