Angry Birds and Temple Run 2 for Iphone

Angry Birds
If you are looking for one of the best free IPAD games, look no further than Angry Birds. We have so many variants, but it’s no secret that this game is revolutionizing the game industry

How to play
After a stolen pawn, your Chewing Friend will cook and cook for you. Remember, use a powerful eagle from the pigs to save your eggs before your family is destroyed.
Supported versions
You need to check this game for sure if your phone has enough storage space for about 300 MB


Temple Run 2
The second series of Run Temple Run is one of the best games to play in their long list of performances for every iPhone and iPad of the best free Ipad games. , Temple worship and fast you can work to avoid being captured by the predatory beast.
How to play

Click the Play button to start the game. You have to do it to control all running people and to avoid as much hindrances or travel as you can to run. You’re going to slow down, Omni’s giant meal. Run away from treasures, grab as many coins and lives as possible.
Supported versions
a 6 or later, you will be in a position to enjoy this exciting game.

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