Top Three Best Call Blocker Apps for Android in 2021

Top Three Best Call Blocker Apps for Android in 2021
In our work and daily life, we can face the problem of unknown numbers on our phone. If those calls always come, is there any way to stop them? Obviously, it is not sensible to change our phone number. In this article, I list the top 3 best call blocker apps for Android in 2021 to block unknown calls. Hope they work for you.

Top 1. Truecaller
Truecaller is a famous app known by millions of users in the world. With this powerful app. you are able to identify the strange caller, block spam calls and SMS. Once you install it in your smartphone and launch it, it will filter out unwanted phone numbers and allow you to keep connections with other contacts. This is not the only app with the help of which you can make your communication efficient and secure, but it may be the first and still update its version.

key features:

Block spam calls and SMS.
Identify unknown numbers in your call history or SMS inbox.
Customize dark, pitch black and many more themes.
Share,photo, location, emoji, and status in a flash to your friends.
One of the world’s best paid call blockers for Android 2021 to identify anyone who calls you.

Top 2. special
Whoscall is one of the best caller ID applications capable of recognizing unknown calls / robocalls and can also prevent anonymous spam. With a wide variety of downloads, millions of users, and good ratings, it won the Google 2013 Innovation Award and recognized Google Play 2016 as the Best App. In 2021 and even in the future, it holds up to serve more and more people and solve their call blocking problems and is determined to be the best free call blocker app for Android.

key features:

Expertise in identifying unknown incoming calls.
Avoid disturbing spam calls with one touch.
Find unfamiliar numbers and decide who to call back.
Real-time offline database available.
Personal Mobile Business Card.

Top 3. Mr. Number
Mr. The number, one of the best call blocking apps for Android on the App Store, makes it easy to block unnecessary calls and also prevent spammers and fraud. No matter what you want, to block someone, business, or from a hidden number, you can make up your mind to refuse to answer the call or send them voicemail. Feel free to move your fingers, tap on the mobile phone screen, add suspicious spam to your blacklist and then Mr. Number will block them all forever.

key features:

Know who is calling
Customize Call Blocking
Block unwanted and spam calls.
Show avatar and username of recent callers.
Intelligent Auto Blocking Function.
Comprehensive protection against spam or fraud.
Alert text messages that may cause danger.

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