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Banded Puff Braid – Stylish Valentine Day Hairstyle

Banded Puff Braid Hairstyle

If you want a stylish hairstyle in 15minutes that is not so difficult to create, Banded Puff Braid hairstyle is an awesome choice. If you see Banded Puff Braid, it looks complicated but it is not so. One would get a big time deal to copy your Banded Puff Braid. In our beautiful faux braided hairstyle collection, Banded Puff Braid is one of its own kinds to impress anyone with your hair fashion. To create this puff braid hairstyle, you require small banded tiebacks in which the newest one are threaded under and up through the previous one. The further you proceed by simply pan caking the stitches. The shape of this banded puff braid is lovely. The steps wise instructions for creating Banded Puff Braid are given below.

Things Needed For Banded Puff Braid:

  • Hair brush
  • Rat-Tail comb
  • Water Spray bottle
  • Small Hair Elastic (3-4)
  • Hairspray (If desired)
  • Banded Puff Braid accessories (If desired)

Banded Puff Braid Hairstyle-Gplus

Step-By-Step Tutorial:

  1. With the middle portion, start your hairstyle.
  2. On each side of head, separate your hair from just at the back of ears on up to the middle part line. Must note that from the top area, do not take much hair because the large strand would not give a nice appearance when it is pulled back and spread flat against head.
  3. To the back center of head, both sections are pulled. With hair elastic, secure it.
  4. From behind of ear, two more small hair strands are created that are pulled back too and secured against the head with hair elastic. Make sure that exactly on the top of previous one, this tieback should rest.
  5. Through and over the 2nd tieback, the bottom tieback is pulled.
  6. From the sides of head, two more small hair strands are gathered and tied at back with hair elastic.
  7. Through and over the top of newly formed tieback, the bottom tieback is threaded up so as to prevent it from lying on the top. At this point, your hair will begin to create a twisting pattern look.
  8. Go on the backside to gently tug on hair twists elbows. For doing this, the outside ones are taken 1st and then the inside one. Pancake them and start creating the puffed texture to hair.
  9. Steps# 4-8 are repeated again and again till all the remaining hair is gathered into hair elastic. After each stitch, continue to puff the braid.
  10. All remaining hair is secured into a ponytail with extra elastic when you run out of hair to incorporate.
  11. Finally, embellish your Banded Puff Braid hairstyle with hair wax, hair spray and hair accessories, if desired.

Video Tutorial:

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