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Black & Red Unusual Fancy Winged Eyes Makeup Tutorial

Black & Red Unusual Fancy Winged Eyes Makeup Tutorial

Black & Red eye makeup is very common as this eye shadow contrast is considered as the best one in the category of bold eye makeup. If you want a shy eyes makeup, then it is not an intelligent choice as black and red unusual silly eyes makeup is only meant for those proud and confident people who want to stand out and express more among the whole crowd. If you want a confident and bold eyes makeup using red and black eye shadows, then you are at the right place. For all night-time events, our bold red and jet black eyes makeup is perfect. The eyeliner is also applied in an elongated winged eyeliner style that gives a galaxy eyes look. From a rock concert to a party; it is suitable for all events. Although our tutorial is made on brown eyes, but we bet you that black and red winged eyes makeup is perfect for all types of eyes shapes.

Things Needed:

Apply our recommended products to get 100% similar extraordinary red and black winged eye makeup:

Step-By-Step Tutorial:

The easy step by step instruction are given below for the application of red and black confident fancy eyes makeup with proper illustration are listed below:

  • Before starting with the eye makeup, apply the suitable skin foundation on your face.
  • Using eyebrows pencil in black shade, re-define your eyebrows shape properly.
  • On both of the eyelids, apply eye shadow proper for long lasting of your sexy eye makeup.
  • Now suppose that your upper lash line is situated a little over the normal place, draw a winged eye shape using black eye pencil (illustrated in picture# 2).
  • Apply red eye shadow between the black line and eyes i.e. in the empty clean area.
  • Apply liquid eyeliner on the upper lash line.
  • Apply the same black eyeliner on a little bit portion of the lower lash line too i.e. from the inside corner of the eye.
  • The remaining half of the lower lash line will be lined using red eye shadow powder. It will produce such an effect that eyeliner started with black and finished with red color.
  • Waterline the lower lash line with black eye pencil.
  • Curl your both eyelashes properly. Apply mascara on these for a more vibrant effect.
  • Your crazy eye makeup using bold red and dark black eye shadows is completed now.

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