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Blue Glittery Cat Eyes Model Makeup Tutorial

Blue Glittery Cat Eyes Model Makeup Tutorial

Glitter eye makeup is the best eye makeup that gives shimmer and shine to your eyes. Try our models-like eye makeup to shine the lime light with the incorporation of perfect blue glittery cat eyes makeup. If you more spicy eye makeup with cat eyes liner, then put small rhinestones on the outside of your eyes or along the lash line. Glitter eye makeup usually involves the eye makeup products including glitter powder, glitter adhesive and glitter eye shadows. Blue glitter cat eyes makeup can sparkle on the eyes and can be a super-fun at any party. Not only this, glittery eye makeup s suitable for all types of eyes color and shape. Learn the easy tutorial of our Moonlight Blue Glitter Cats Eyes Makeup by Loren and Lala, following the steps below to apply.

Things Needed:

Apply our recommended products to get 100% similar black and glitter daring eye makeup:

Step-By-Step Tutorial:

The steps of Glue glitter and shimmer cat eyes makeup are given below with proper steps as well as illustration:

  • On the eyelids, apply eye shadow primer carefully.
  • Use black gel liner in any desirable eye liner shape or simply apply cat eyeliner where the black eye shadow will be applied later.
  • Apply dark blue eye shadow using small eye makeup brush on the inner corners of the eyes.
  • Take another angled small eye brush and apply black eye shadow on the outer corner of eyes.
  • Take a medium or large sized eye makeup brush and gently blend both black and blue eye shadows into each other for a more perfect model eye makeup look.
  • On the darker part of the eye makeup, more black gel is applied.
  • Now, add glitters to the eyelids of the same colors of that of eye shadows that you applied earlier. Use tapping movement for glitter eye shadow application.
  • You can also simply add golden and blue glitter from the glitter shimmer eye pearls set, as we did in our tutorial.
  • Apply blue eye liner pencil on your lower lash line. Apply black eyeliner on the upper lash line.
  • Apply artificial eye lashes with mascara layer on it.
  • Your shiny glitter blue and black cat eyes makeup is finally all ready.

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