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Cool Palm Tree Nail Art Tutorial

Cool Palm Tree Nail Art Tutorial

Get cool Palm Tree Nails for your lovely hands and give a hot summer beach look even in the cold season or snow falls. It is not that much difficult. We present easy steps for palm tree nails. You just need to be tricky enough to have perfect few flicks with a long striping nail brush to do so. Go out in the cold weather and give a look to your palm tree nail art design to have an assumption that you are standing somewhere in Barbados.

Things Needed For Palm Tree Nail art Design:

In our Palm Tree Nail art Tutorial, a lazy ombre design is taken as the base to give a sunset look on nails. We also recommend you to go for a bright sky blue background if you want to make it more awesome. In our tutorial, you are required to have:

Tips & Tricks for Palm Tree Nail art Design:

  • Keep the amount of pressure in consideration when you paint your lines as they have a lot of effect on their thickness. Bold and thick lines are created when pressure is more (as needed for the trunk of palm tree) and thin flicks of color are created by light pressure (as needed for the palms).
  • If you have longer and wider nails, you can have 2 palm trees on your single nail. Fill up extra space on your nail by a longer and a shorter palm tree nail art design.
  • Don’t think excessive regarding the placement of your flicks as nature is not similar every time. Be creative in your own designing.
  • In our palm tree nail art, birds are included. If you don’t like this one, add some clouds or a sun in the corner side to have a beach nail art.

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