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Cute Heart Accents – Stunning Valentines Day Hairstyle

Cute Heart Accents - Stunning Valentines Day Hairstyle

Valentine’s Day is not so far and it is obvious that every girl wants to have a bunch of lovely romantic hairstyle throughout 14th February hairstyling kit. Valentine day hairstyles for girls are so much awaited by our followers so we bring the best romantic and gorgeous hairstyle for Valentine dinner night. If you are adorable and want to show your beauty to be praised by your loved one, your hair can play the best part. So apply our top rated and most search valentine day hairstyle called as beautiful Heart Accents hairstyle for Valentine day.

Valentine Heart Accents Hairstyle for girls is the right choice in the Valentine’s Day Hairstyle theme. Heart Accents Valentine Hairstyle suits the girl of every age. Not only this, it is perfect for short, medium, and long hair that needs just 5 minutes with easy steps of valentine hair. Valentine’s Day hairstyle tutorial would just need 3 hair strings and few rubber bands to incorporate hearts in your hair. Beautiful Heart Accents Valentine hairstyle

Valentine Heart Accents hairstyle can also be created with a combo treat of ponytail, braid or ponytail etc. Cute Valentine Hearts hairstyle can either be created with one larger and one smaller heart or can also be created with a Faux Fishtail Valentine Braid. The heart is adjusted size up for younger look while it is sized down for older look. The steps wise instructions for creating Valentine Heart Accents hairstyle are given below.

Things Needed For Heart Accents Valentine Hairstyle:


Double Heart Accents Valentine Hairstyle:



Step-By-Step Tutorial:

  • Slightly off to 1 side, part hair.
  • Section off a 3-inch rectangle portion of hair on the light side of the hair i.e. less hair side present about halfway back.
  • Using small hair elastic, secure the hair section by moving down about ½ inch from the scalp.
  • This section will be divided into 3 equal strands of hair.
  • Each hair strand will be braided into its own 3-strand micro-braid.
  • One side of hair elastic will be pulled away from hair section by using either fingernails or rat tail comb. Upward through the elastic, the right-most braid is slide half way back.
  • On the other side, the same procedure will be applied on the left-most braid.
  • Both of the flipped braids are pulled up so that they reach just about half inch inside the hair elastic.
  • Now notice that 1 middle micro-braid is hanging straight downward while 2 micro-braids (1 on either side of middle braid) are going upward through hair elastic and then arcing back downward. If you would leave middle braid there, it will better help to secure the heart fixed and its structure will also be hold better without being collapsed throughout the whole day.
  • The ends of the 2 side braids are gathered together with middle braid so as to form the heart shape of hair. The base of the hair heart is slide down or up or strands can be cinched for the adjustment of heart size, height, weight and shape as per as desirable.
  • The base of the heart of valentine hair is secured with all 3 strands using hair elastic.
  • From the bottom of hart braids, elastic can be removed so that your hair could fall naturally.
  • At the final step, embellish Valentine Heart Accents Hairstyle with hairspray and other accessories, if desired.

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