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Diagonal French Loop Braid Hairstyle

Diagonal French Loop Braid Hairstyle

French Braid hairstyles are very much liked by girls all over the world. French braid is so easy to create. If you want to give a cute look to your French braid, you can do certain creativity with it. For e.g. there are different types of French Braids, Loops Braids as well as Diagonal haircuts and hairstyles. What if you get all these three cut-to-cut fashions junks in one single piece. You must be thinking that fashion has turned us crazy too. No, you are absolutely wrong as we bring the most stylish hairstyle for you all which are a mixture of all three.

Diagonal French Loop Braid Hairstyle is meant for all cute and bubbly girls out there. If you are just tired of Diagonal Bow Braid or Zipper Braid that does not makes you feel fashionable, then try this easy Diagonal French Loop Braid by Pro Ladies Tips. The best thing of this hairstyle is that it is so casual at the meanwhile stylish; so can be the spotlight hairstyle at any party or occasion. If you are a braid lover, Diagonal French Loop Braid just meant for you.

Diagonal French Loop Braid hairstyle is created with a French Braid as its base. The highlighted feature of this hairstyle is the incorporation of loops into French braid. You can also use a Dutch Braid as the base; the only problem you will find in that case will be drowning out of the loops. From a messy to supreme hair look, Diagonal French Loop Braid works for both wet and dry hair. However, for creating Diagonal French Loop Braid, you should be a bit skillful with handling of hairs. The time required for Diagonal French Loop Braid is around maximum 10minutes.

Things Needed For Diagonal French Loop Braid:

Diagonal French Loop Braid Hairstyle

Step-By-Step Tutorial:

  1. Towards the back of your head and away from face, comb hair.
  2. Down the center of your head, create a middle part. Must sure that after parting hair into 2, they must fall straight downward.
  3. Pick up one small strand from your hair from the front near the temple by going to each side of your hair.
  4. Start a simple and regular Braid by completing one stitch. Around the back, braid down diagonally.
  5. A small piece of hair is sectioned off on the outside strand of the French Braid. The hair piece that is sectioned off must be from the strand that is closest to the ear. Clip that hair piece isolated.
  6. From the bottom side, some new hairs are picked up. Do not pick the hair pieces you just clipped apart. Add these newly picked hairs into the bottom strand (same as regular French Braid).
  7. Above the middle strand, cross the newly gathered strand.
  8. Next, a smaller strand of hair is sectioned off on the outside strand nearest the top of the head. Clip it too.
  9. To the top section, some new hair is added (same as regular French Braid).
  10. Over the middle strand, the complete gathered section of hair is crossed.
  11. Now again, a small strand of hair is sectioned off on the outside strand nearest the ear. Clip it too.
  12. From the underneath side, the 1st tiny strand of hair clipped off is grabbed. Add it into the original bottom section. At the mean time, also add some new hair into it.
  13. Over the middle strand, the complete gathered section of hair is crossed again.
  14. By using two outside edge strands again and again, repeat the steps # 5-13.
  15. Gently tug on the 1st loops you created, after the braid reaches about 3-4 full stitches down. Our video tutorial will help you in doing so. At the step, you will create Lacy look to your braid.
  16. Across the back of head, the entire procedure is continued in a diagonal direction.
  17. When the nape of neck is reached and you find that there is no further hair to add in, the same braiding pattern is continued except that of addition of hair steps. This step will give your braid the same looped or lacy look. The difference is that it will be on a simple braid.
  18. With hair elastic, secure Diagonal French Loop Braid. If desired, use hair spray too.
  19. At the final step, embellish Diagonal French Loop Braid Hairstyle with hair bows and other accessories, if desired.

Video Tutorial:

How was your cute Diagonal French Loop Braid? Do let us know with your comments.

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