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Double Frenchbacks Hairstyle (Steps for Celebrity Hairstyle)

Double Frenchbacks Hairstyle

French hairstyles are just awesome for any day occasion as well as casual meetings and outings hairstyles. Usually one could pretend that French hairstyles mean French braid in which all hair is braided. But what if you get a hairstyle in which French braid touch is found and a major portion of hair is left open! Yes you can have it as it we present Double Frenchbacks Hairstyle for beautiful girls. So if you would like to have tutorial of Cameron Diaz Hairstyle from Annie movie, then the Miss Hannigan Double Frenchbacks Hairstyle is here for you. Double Frenchbacks is among the most amazing braided hairstyles as well as French bangs hairstyles of modern hair fashion. Double Frenchbacks Hairstyle is perfect for long straight as well as curly hair. Follow the easy and simple steps of Double Frenchbacks Hairstyle to have a Miss Hannigan hair look in just 5 minutes.

Things Needed For Double Frenchbacks:

  • Hair brush
  • Rat-Tail comb
  • Water Spray bottle
  • Hair alligator clips (2-3)
  • Small bobby pins (3) or Barrette (1)
  • Small Hair Elastic (Just 1)
  • Hairspray (If desired)
  • Double Frenchbacks accessories (If desired)

Double Frenchbacks Hairstyle

Step-By-Step Tutorial:

  1. Exactly between the two eyebrows, a rectangular section of hair is sectioned to the crown of the head.
  2. In half right up the middle, this section is dived into two equal and thin rectangular sections.
  3. Using an alligator clip, one section is clipped apart and away from the other one. On the opposite side of hair which is not going to be braided, other clip is used for keeping it away from being accidently braided into the original portion.
  4. On the 1st section, a regular French braid is created. Start stitching with thin hair strands. Little pieces are added into the braid as you further go. It will create the braid right near to the forehead. If longer hair strands are used, it will not let stitching to be seen clearly until half way back.
  5. A regular braid is continued when no more hair is left to add. Use hair elastic so that hair could not be unbraided.
  6. The remaining section is unclipped from the back. The French braid is same as step#4.
  7. Both braids are combined together when the end of the braid is reached.
  8. A barrette can be used here to secure both these French braids as Cameron Diaz has done in the Annie movie. As an alternative, 2-3 bobby pins can be crossed to secure it.
  9. Now from the 1st braid, remove hair elastic to unravel it.
  10. At the base of the remaining hair from the braids, back-comb them gently. To add little volume to the crown and back of head, let your hair and waves fall naturally.
  11. Finally, add hair spray and hair accessories into your Double Frenchbacks Hairstyle, if desired.

Video Tutorial:

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