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Dramatic Yellow & Aqua Fashion Shows Eye Makeup Tutorial

Dramatic Yellow & Aqua Fashion Shows Eye Makeup Tutorial

Luminous lime yellow and aqua eye makeup is simply the best for all time events. Whether it is a casual outing or a fashion show attending, a fancy dress party or a prom night, this dramatic and beautiful lime yellow eye makeup with superb aqua glamorous eye shadow touch is simply the best. For grey eyes, this vibrant eye makeup serves the best. Also, you will find yellow and aqua vibrant eye makeup exactly perfect for a sunny and beach environment. With the right combination of aqua blue and lime yellow eye shadows, it is a very inspiring summer season sunny eyes makeup for all ladies. Also you can shine the limelight wearing your original lime yellow and aqua eye makeup.

Things Needed:

8 Steps Super-Easy Tutorial:

The step-by-step tutorial of yellow and aqua eye shadow makeup with simple eye liner for grey eyes is given below:

  1. All over the eyelid, apply eye primer for the solid and stable base of your eye makeup that will last longer. Also blend it properly so no area of upper eyelid remains uncovered.
  2. On the eyelid, apply yellow eye shadow in the form of an even layer. As shown in the picture tutorial of eye makeup.
  3. Now pick the aqua blue eye shadow either in shimmer or matte form. Apply it from the middle to the outer corner of the eyelid. Blend yellow and aqua eye shadows carefully for a well eye makeup look.
  4. To the crease of eyes, apply the similar yellow and blazing blue eye shadow by using a large eye shadow brush. Note that at the outer corner of the lid, a V-shape is also created using the same eye shadow and eye pencil.
  5. Also note that the eye shadow is applied in such a way that yellow eye shadow will cover the brow bone area just above the aqua eye shadow and vice versa. Both eye shadows are blended together well in the brow bone area too.
  6. On the upper eye lid, apply the black liquid liner. Repeat the same with the lower lash line. Also wear artificial lashes for a more model-like eye makeup look.
  7. You can also apply an aqua shaded eyeliner pencil on both eye lashlines instead on black eyeliner, as we have done in our tutorial eye makeup.
  8. At the final step, apply mascara to both artificial lashes to complete your bright vibrant and stylish blue and yellow eye makeup.

Try it to fascinate everyone by means of your captivating yellow and aqua eyes makeup just as fashion shows models eyes makeup look!!!

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