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Eye-Popping Golden Makeup Easy Tutorial


Eyes are the most attractive feature of a woman face. Leave an everlasting and attractive impression on any man by trying our Golden Eye Popping Makeup Tutorial for Blue Eyes. No doubt, blue eyes seem like a deep sea glance. So make any one sink in the beauty of your blue eyes by Golden Eye Makeup with Eye Popping Effect that can make your blue eyes much deeper than ever!!! Eye popping makeup tutorials are also perfect from brides to bridesmaid genre. It is also suitable for green and grey eyes and any unique colored eyes makeup as eye popping makeup further enhance the glamour of colored eyes!!!

Things Needed:

Apply our recommended products to get 100% similar amazing natural eye popping makeup tutorial:

  1. Golden Eye Shadow Dust Powder (We used Y.C. New York Color Sparkle Eye Dust- Golden Champagne)
  2. Eye Makeup Tools Kit Set (We used Bdellium Tools Professional Makeup Studio Line Eyes 12pc. Brush Set)
  3. Aqua Blue Eyeliner Pencil Stick (We used 2nd one from Big Smokey Eyes Shimmer Eye Shadow Stick)
  4. Jet Black Eye Shadow Pellet (We used Matte Eye Shadow – Hypoallergenic – Black)
  5. Eye Liner (We used Maybelline New York Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner)
  6. Eye Lashes Mascara ( We used It’s So BIG Volumizing Mascara (Black) by Elizabeth Mott)
  7. False Eye Lashes (We used Ardell Fashion Lashes Pair)

Step-By-Step Tutorial:

Follow the given simple and easy steps to get a Professional Eye Popping Makeup for Colored Eyes:

  • Using a large sized eye makeup brush, apply golden dust shimmery eye shadow on the upper eye lid.
  • Using a medium sized eye makeup brush, apply the same golden shimmery eye shadow on the crease of the brow bone for highlighting effect. Also properly blend the shadow on the lid area.
  • Use angled eye makeup brush for further highlighting of brow bone using golden eye shadow shimmer.
  • Now use a small eye makeup brush to apply jet black eye shadow toward the outer corner of eye to give a cat eye look.
  • Now take aqua blue eyeliner stick and apply it carefully to the middle part of lower eye lid as shown in picture.
  • Now, balance and spread golden shimmer eye shadow dust on the area above upper eye lid and lower lash line for an eye popping shimmery effect.
  • Wear false lashes carefully. Trim and curl if needed.
  • Apply eye liner and mascara carefully on upper and lower lash line and lashes respectively.

Your Eye-Popping Golden and Aqua Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes is ready. Try it on your own eyes and share with us on our G+ page!!!

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