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Fluid Gray – Black with Silver Studs Nail Art Tutorial

Fluid Gray - Black with Silver Studs Nail Art Tutorial

Studs are always in fashion when it comes to jewelry, dress, accessories etc. Now-a-days, studded nail art is also very much in fashion, therefore ProLadiesTips brings jewelry inspired grayish black nail art tutorial with silver diamond round-shaped studs. Try this Amazing Chic Grey Black Silver Studded Nail Paint and be the nail art queen of any party.

Does not it seem really hot as some silver shine is melting out of a black turning grey mountain! Silver studs are making this fashionable nailart looking really sexy.

Things Needed:

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Step-By-Step Tutorial:

Check below simple and easy steps to learn step-by-step tutorial of Silver Metallic Studs Black Nail Art Design look and try it on your own nails:

  • Manicure your nails using manicure tools kit, if needed. You can skip this step, if desired.
  • Apply base coat nail polish to all nails as it protects nail cuticle and helps you to apply an even and smooth nail paint coat.
  • Now, apply silver colored nail polish to your nails. Use a single and smoother stroke of nail polish brush for nail polish application on nails.
  • When the first coat gets dry, apply a second coat of grey nail polish in such a way that it gives a little flowing look as shown in the picture. You can use any suitable brush from the nail art tools kit. Let it dry.
  • Apply single smooth stroke of black nail polish to the nails. Again, apply black nail polish in such a way that it looks like both grey and silver nail polish are flowing out of the black nail polish. Let it dry.
  • The above step will create a flowing nail polish look over 3 different polished nails as shown in photo. You can use slightly different flowing pattern of both grey and silver nail polish, as we have done in our tutorial. Apply top coat nail paint for finishing look.
  • Now the main step of metallic studs nail art comes. Take out your desirable metallic studs and stick them in any favorite pattern on your nails with the help of acrylic glue for nail manicure.
  • Apply the final top coat nail paint for long lasting of Lilac and Rosy Decently Sexy Nail Art Design.

Give a Sexy Silver & Black Metallic Studs Nail Art Design to your nails. Taker a selfie and upload on Pro G+ community. Join our page for more Lovely Nail Art Collection 2015.

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