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Green & Orange Soft & Natural Eyes Makeup Tutorial

Green & Orange Soft & Natural Eyes Makeup Tutorial

If you are a simple hyper-natural woman, then ProLadiesTips brings the ultimately best of all natural eyes makeup compilation green and orange eyes makeup that can make your eyes to look for soft and classy. The weather is getting sunny and hotter; it does look awkward to wear heavy smokey eye shadows. To look simpler and natural, this elegant green and orange eye makeup with no eyeliner is the charm for you as eyeliner makes the eye makeup a little less natural. This chic and gorgeous natural eye makeup using green and orange eye shadows is easily to wear within 5minutes every day. You can change the colors of eye shadow as your own likings.

Things Needed:

5 Easy Step-By-Step Tutorial:

Try this lovely and natural orange and green eye makeup with winged eyeliner this summer for a more calming and soothing look of your eyes and overall personality simply by following these steps:

  1. After the application of primer on your eyes, take a small eye makeup brush to apply orange eye shadow in the form of shimmer loose dust powder.
  2. Start from the inner most corner of your upper eyelid and move towards the outer most corner along the lashline and also all over the upper eyelid. Blend eye shadow properly on the whole area of upper eyelid.
  3. Now, take a large-sized eye makeup brush to apply a darker shade of orange shimmer eye shadow dust on the outermost corner of your upper eyelid. Highlight the brow bone using the same eye shadow shimmer. In our tutorial, we used brown shimmer eye shadow dust.
  4. Apply green shimmer eye shadow using a shimmer eye shadow pencil or the crayon pencils along the lower lashline.
  5. Apply winged shaped eyeliner on the upper eyelid along the upper lashline area.

The attractive naturally-looking green and orange lovely winged eye makeup for grey eyes is ready which you can wear anywhere and anytime simply and easily for your everyday look in any eye shadow color of your choice!!!

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