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Hairstyle: Loop Waterfall Braid (10 Step Tutorial)

Hairstyle: Loop Waterfall Braid

Step by Step Tutorial:

1- First of all part the hairs from the middle, no matter dry or wet, but you would find easier in wet hairs.

2- Apply a bit of wax / spray to get the grip in your hairs if you have silky n fine hairs to hold the loops in place.

3- Pick up a decent size section of hair and wrap it around your pointer and middle finger, keep the direction going downward to get your first loop as waterfall stand.

4- Put two fingers between the loop and use your ring finger to pinch the falling stand of your hairs.

5- Pick up another section of almost same sized hairs from your two fingers and pul it half way to the first loop.

6- Start twisting your hairs counterclockwise to create a second loop.

7- Have someone or use your teethes to hold the fallen strand of the first loop for security way around your head. Now repeat the Steps 4-6 on the back of your head.

8- When you are at your last loop, pull out the new stand completely through the loop and let it fall.

9- Use two small pins to have that loop in place, Use it under the fall so your pins should get hide below them.

10- To secure the front of the braid use two small pins to pin the first loop in place (that someone or you are holding with your teethes) just as you did on the other side of your hairs.

11- (Optional) Apply Spray to set your hairs and pull remaining loose hair into a loose braid or fishtail.

Loop Waterfall Braid – Video Tutorial:

Hairstyle: Loop Waterfall Braid (10 Step Tutorial)

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