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How to Apply Liquid Eyeliner to Enhance Beauty

How to Apply Liquid Eyeliner to Enhance Beauty

Eyes are the most prominent feature of your face and their beauty is enhanced by applying makeup over it. To excel the art, the application of eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara needs practice. Liquid Eyeliners are very much in fashion these days as their effect and beauty lasts longer for the whole day. With our tutorial on how to apply Liquid Eyeliner, it will never be considered as a tough job. Try ProLadiesTips recommended Tips and Tricks to Apply Liquid Liner like a Pro.

Things Needed:

We bring Easy Steps to Apply Liquid Eyeliner that are even practiced by professional makeup artists to apply their own liquid eyeliner. Use following recommended products for exact results:

  1. Liquid eyeliner (We used Maybelline New York Liquid Eyeliner)
  2. Makeup remover (We used Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes)
  3. Cotton pad (We used Swisspers Cotton Rounds)

Guide To Apply Liquid Eyeliner Effectively:

Follow the given steps for applying liquid eyeliner on eyes like a pro that will not only make your eyes attractive, but also enhance the overall beauty of your eyes and face look.

  1. For framing and defining the eyes, liquid eyeliner is best as it gives a precise look and longer lasting results. Choose any color of eyeliner that suits well with the eye shadow you are wearing.
  2. Over the eye shadow, liquid eyeliner is applied in the form of a fine line to give a more defined look to your eyes.
  3. Open liquid eyeliner and wipe off excess or clumps, if any. The liner liquid should be spread evenly.
  4. To steady your hand, rest your wrist on your face or rest your elbow on any even surface. To avoid stretching of skin, do not pull your eye lid as it will result in the creation of un-even eyeliner.
  5. On the upper eyelid, apply liquid eyeliner by starting from the line in the centre of lash line. In order to follow the natural curve of upper lash line, eyeliner is pulled along the line. Apply the eyeliner towards the outer corner of the eye in the form of small connected dashes getting thicker.
  6. To make a small flick at the outer corners of the eyes, liquid eyeliner is the best of all. It gives your eyes a more open look than ever.
  7. The line through eyeliner is drawn from the inner corner of the eye, if you have bigger eyes.
  8. Liquid eyeliner gives a heavy look to your eyes, so be careful when applying to the lower lash-line in the same manner.

Your Sexy and Heavy Liquid Eyeliner Eyes are ready to sparkle in any event or party. Keep practicing till you get the same pro effects on both eyes.

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