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How to Choose the Best Eye Shadow for your Eye Color?

How to Choose the Best Eye Shadow for your Eye Color

All fashionista ladies once in their lifetime come across a puzzled question about the perfect eye shadow for their eye color. Proladiestips is the ultimate place where you can get the mystery of perfect eye shadow for brown, black, green, grey, hazel all types of eye colors. If you are among those who seem asking about the best eye shadow for eye color, picking the right eye shadow for the eye color, the best eye makeup look choosing correct eye shadow contrast with eye color, matching of eye shadow with eye color etc, then you are not going to be left unanswered here.

Eye shadow is a type of cosmetic that is applied on the eyelids, always under the eyebrow section. Eye shadow should be in such that colors that will surely stand your eyes out elegantly and should also balance the other features of your face. For this purpose, the color of eye shadow should be complimentary with the eye color. Eye shadow color also adds depth to the eyes. Not only this, eyeshade is also helpful to enlarge eyes. Eye shadows are now available in different texture variety including liquid, pencil, matte, pellets, dust, gel mousse or powder.

Eye shadow colors are available in a very lengthy shades sheet. From female user to user, the eye shadow color varies according to the skin tone as well as eye color. If your eye shadow color is in contrast to your eyes color, then it will bring attention and glamour to your face. The challenge to replicate natural eye shadow is accomplished here by the correct use of the eye shadow and its color too. From a pinkish tone to a glossy shine, our natural eye shadow can range. Even when it is applied on eyelids of many ladies, a silver look can also be created. The most important thing to know when dealing with best eye shadow color according to eyes color is that you should be aware of the fact that which eye shadow compliments with your eyes color in the best possible manner.

Best Eye Shadow Color a/c to Eye Color:

Best Eye Shadow Color a/c to Eye Color

Check below the details of best eye shadow color for Blue, Green, Aqua, Amber, Hazel and Brown eyes. If you notice, we dint discuss black as it is a universal color which compliments all eye shadow colors. You are lucky if you have black colored eyes. Also consult with our picture when you go to buy perfect eye shadow for your eyes color.

  • Blue Eyes: Many warmer shades of eye shadow without using too much color on the eyelids is perfect.
  • Green Eyes: Variable shades of purple eye shadow make gorgeous green eyes makeup. Pink and silver eye shades can also be used in this case.
  • Aqua Eyes: In contrast with brown eye shadows, aqua eyes makeup looks amazing. The reason is that brown and aqua are opposite colors in the spectrum.
  • Amber Eyes: On these eyes, all eye shadows from brown to gold shades can be used without any fear.
  • Hazel Eyes: All eye shadows that come in the range between green and brown can be used. Gray and gold eye shadow flakes can also be used if a natural eye radiance makeup is the goal.
  • Brown Eyes: Brown eyes are considered as a neutral eye color which does not compete with other colors. Therefore, the widest range of all eye shadows colors can be used.

Makeup Color Wheel – Helps You To Select Eye Shadow For Your Eye Color:

Makeup Color Wheel - Helps You To Select Eye Shadow For Your Eye Color

Consult our recommended makeup color wheel to choose best color eye shadow for your eye color.

How to Use Makeup Wheel for Eye Shadow Selection:

  • Look at your eye color in the wheel.
  • Now check what colors are on the opposite side of the makeup color wheel. These are the best colors of eye shadows for your eyes color.
  • For example, for brown eyes, the opposite located colors are royal blue or cyan. So these shades are best as eye shadow for brown eyes.
  • Similarly, for grey eyes, the best eye shadows colors are orange or cocoa, as these are located on the exactly opposite side.

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