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How to do a Manicure at Home – Steps & Tips

How to Do a Manicure at Home - Steps & Tips

Do your own fabulous and professional manicure at home by following the simple and easy steps of doing fashion manicure at home. Proladiestips gives the way to do a manicure at home in easy steps, so you don’t need to go any parlor or salon. Our easy manicure at home saves time and money both. Make your manicured nails really gorgeous with us!!!

How To Do A Manicure At Home Steps:

  1. Purchase Manicure/ Pedicure Box:
  • A manicure/ pedicure box contains following tools and supplies:
  • Nail Polish
  • Clear Top Coat/ Base Coat
  • Nail File
  • Nail Polish Remover
  • Cotton Swabs
  • Cuticle Stick
  • Cuticle Oil

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  1. Open Manicure / Pedicure Box:
  • It is preferable to manicure your nails at weekends. Take it out on any special occasion too.
  1. Remove Current Nail Polish:
  • Remove the current nail polish from your nails, if any.
  • To remove nail polish, first soak your nail polished hands in slightly warm water for some time. It will soften up your cuticles to easily remove nail paint.
  1. Push Back Cuticles:
  • To soften nails cuticle, lotion or cuticle oil is applied at the base of nails.
  • Use cuticle stick to push back your cuticles softly.
  • Avoid clipping cuticles as these are meant for the protection of nails from infection.
  1. Clip, File And Buff Nails:
  • The nails are clipped first, if required.
  • The next step is to file nails in only 1 direction as back and forth filing of nails results in nails weakening.
  • File any nail shape as per your desire. For e.g. square or round nail tips, combo of oval edges and square tops.
  • For classy and smart nail manicure shape, round your nails as the mirror image of cuticle and extend a bit above fingertips edges.
  • The sides and tops of nails are also buffed gently to make their surfaces smooth. Emery paper should never be used for this purpose.
  1. Apply Nail Polish Base Coat: 
  • Nail paint base coat is applied starting from the cuticle ends. Base coat is painted down to the nail tip in single stroke.
  • The ideal way to apply base coat is that it should cover a whole nail in just 3 swipes.
  • Wait for 2 minutes to let it dry completely to proceed on.
  1. Roll Nail Polish Bottle In Hands:
  • To mix up the color, nail polish bottle should not be shaking as bubbles are created by this practice that lead to un-smooth nail polish application.
  • The correct way to mix nail paint color in bottle is to take nail polish bottle between hands/palm and then roll it for a perfect nail color.
  1. Apply 1st Thin Coat Of Color Nail Polish:
  • The color nail polish is swiped from the nail base to the nail tip.
  • The brush is again dipped in nail paint bottle to repeat the procedure 2 times to cover the entire nail with polish.
  • A quick swipe of color is also applied to nail tip to cover it with nail paint too as the chipping process is decelerated this way.
  • The same procedure is repeated for all nails manicure.
  1. Apply 2nd Coat Of Color Nail Polish: 
  • After 1st coat application, wait for 2 minutes and then apply second coat of nail polish.
  1. Wait For 20 Minutes To Dry: 
  • Dry out nail polish at least for 20 minutes.
  • During this 20minutes period, you are free to do anything except of touching your nails.
  1. Apply Nail Polish Top Coat: 
  • After the nails get dried completely, apply top coat nail paint.
  • Manicure/ nail polish color is protected from chipping by applying top coat so do not apply it in a hurry.
  • The 1st top coat is applied now and the 2nd top coat is applied after every 2-3days as it gives shiny and fresh nails look.
  1. Clean Up Smudges: 
  • If any nail polish smeared is present around the nails edges, clean these up with care.
  • For cleaning up, a small piece of cotton is wrapped around the cuticle stick. Dip the stick in nail polish remover bottle and clean up the extra nail polish smeared cautiously around nails.

Useful Tips for Professional Manicure At Home:

  • The nails of dominant hand are painted and manicured first as to use non-dominant hand, which is already wet with polish, is difficult.
  • The little finger should be painted first and then go towards thumb.

Get perfect manicured hands by following our manicure steps and tips in little time professionally at home.

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