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How to Do Avril Lavigne Inverse – Smokey Eye Makeup, Step-By-Step Tutorial

How to Do Avril Lavigne Inverse - Smokey Eye Makeup, Step-By-Step Tutorial

Avril Lavigne has such chic smokey eyes makeup that every genre girl wants to have!!! Whether it is back to school smokey eye makeup or a rock concert inverse smoky eye makeup, Avril Lavigne’s Signature Smokey Eye Makeup is just the desire of every woman’s heart. ProLadiesTips brings the simplest and easiest way to learn Avril Lavigne black smokey eye makeup that takes only 5 minutes to get set ready.

Things Needed:

To get the exact look of Avril Lavigne smoky eye makeup, try our recommended products that are also approved by Amazon:

  1. Mascara (We used Sisley-Paris So Intense Mascara)
  2. Eyeliner (We used L’Oreal Paris Extra-Intense Liquid Pencil Eyeliner)
  3. Silver-grey & black eye shadow (We used Prestige Cosmetics Smoky Trio Eye Shadows)

Step-By-Step Tutorial:

To get the look of Avril Lavigne eye makeup that she adopted in her famous music video covering What the Hell, Wish You Were Here, Smile etc, follow this Easy 3 Steps Avril Eye Makeup Tutorial:

  1. Start the bold smokey Avril eye makeup by dominating your eyes. A soft black kohl eye liner pencil with extra intense black color is used to make the outlines of both eyes. Use eye liner pencil on the rim above lower lashes and line above upper lashes. Just the innermost corners of each eye are left blank and not covered with eye liner. It gives a really open and bright look to eyes like Avril.
  2. The indentation of each eye is covered with a blend of black and grey sparkle eye shadows. The eye shadow is used to coat the entire eye lid as well as the line under each eye. It gives an inverse smokey eye makeup look just like Avril Lavigne. A damp Q-tip can also be made to conceal any mistake. Use your finger tips for proper blending of silver grey and black eye shadows on both lids. Give a slightly darker black eye shadow look on the area under each eye.
  3. To make the eye lashes as bold as Avril has in her smokey eye makeup, use voluminizing mascara that gives eyelashes slightly bigger and thicker volume look. Mascara should be used to give volume to both upper as well as lower eye lashes. A few coats of mascara for maximum impact are applied.

Follow these simple steps to learn Avril’s inverse smokey eye makeup and rock on like her in your daily life. Share your comments with us about how you found out our helpful tutorial on our page. Check more smokey eye makeup tutorials with us!!!

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