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How to Get Beautiful Chubby Cheeks Naturally At Home?

How-to-Get-Beautiful-Chubby Cheeks-Naturally-At-Home

With some easy and simple home remedies, it is very easier for people to have chubby cheeks at home. If you want to get chubby cheeks naturally at your home, then some dietary pattern, facial exercise as well as day to day lifestyle can prove really helpful in this regard. There are certain deep breathe exercises that can also give you naturally looking chubby cheeks. However, if you cannot follow diet as well as unable to hold breathe for longer periods, then we bring the magical tips for beautiful chubby cheeks naturally at home. It is the easiest way to get natural-looking chubby cheeks at home.

Our 7 foods can guarantee give you fat, fuller and chubby cheeks naturally at home within a month that can fill up your face and bring the innocence and cuteness out of your beauty. These chubby cheek foods boost fats production on cheeks resulting in fuller and chubby cheeks.

7 Effective Foods for Natural Chubby Cheeks:

Rose Water-Glycerin Mixture:

  • Glycerin is helpful to keep skin tightness as well as wrinkle-free.
  • Rose water is a good skin cleansing agent.
  • The mixture of glycerin and rose water is applied on skin to increase fat production of skin to give chubby cheeks.
  • This mixture also gives cheeks nourishment.
  • A fresh lift is also provided by rose water and glycerin mixture to make them look fuller and fatty.

Olive Oil:

  • Olive oil is good for healthy and beautiful skin; this is the reason why people are also incorporating olive oil as the cooking oil of their meals.
  • Olive itself means health and it is a best food to get chubby cheeks.
  • If you want to get chubby cheeks with natural look, consume 1 tablespoon of olive oil daily.
  • Olive oil is involved in the production of skin fats.
  • Within 15 days, the desirable results of fuller and chubby cheeks can be obtained by taking 1tbs of olive oil daily.

Apple Paste:

  • Apple paste is one the best foods that can give you healthy chubby cheeks.
  • Apple is a rich source of all types of nutrients and vitamins that provide healthy skin as well as cheeks.
  • Apple paste can easily be made by mashing a raw apple and then applied all over the cheeks.
  • Keep the paste applied on cheeks for 15-20 minutes and then was it with plenty of water.
  • Apple paste also contains collagen and elastin proteins that can give you fresh-looking cheeks.


  • Milk is no doubt a complete diet for individuals of every age group.
  • Milk contains rich amount of vitamins, minerals and proteins that can fulfill the daily dietary requirement of a person.
  • You can have chubby cheeks by consuming 1 glass of milk in morning and at night within 3 months.

Butter-Sugar Paste:

  • If you want to get chubby cheeks without using any chemicals and cosmetics, then butter sugar paste is a good food option.
  • Butter sugar paste is made up by mixing both ingredients in equal proportion.
  • The paste is preferably applied on face before going to bath. Finger tips are put in the paste to apply it on the whole face equally.
  • To get amazing chubby cheeks, apply the paste for 15 minutes and then wash with plenty of water.

Crab-Rich Food:

  • Crab-rich foods items are those which have good amount of carbohydrates in them.
  • Best examples of crab rich food for chubby cheeks include bread, rice, pasta etc.
  • Carbohydrates are effective for meeting up the energy requirement of body.
  • If your diet contains lesser carbohydrate proportion, then it will definitely burn up fats that are present under skin dermal layers.
  • Take adequate amount of crab rich food as fewer carbohydrates can stop you from getting fuller chubby cheeks.


  • Gorgeous attractive chubby cheeks can also be obtained by consuming food supplements available in the market.
  • Food supplements contain enough quantity of calories that prove fruitful for weight gaining. So, if the individual gains weight, then a glance will also be shown over her face too.
  • Food supplements are the best for those women who cannot gain weight with natural food items.

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