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Lime-Shaded & Neon Green Refreshing Juicy Eyes Makeup Tutorial


Every girl use to drink a fresh a lime juice in these hot sunny days. If you are wondered to apply a fresh lime and green juicy eyes makeup with some winged cat eyeliner, then we bring it all for you. Do not fall in any further wonder looking at a glass of water and lime. Apply it on your eyelids. Lime and green are fresh colors and when these are incorporated in the eyes makeup, anyone can be induced with a clan fresh feeling. Try our lime and green refreshing eye makeup that can really turn you into an amazing diva. Lime juice winged eye makeup can let you feel enchanted with your gorgeously beautiful eyes.

Things Needed:

Apply our recommended products to get 100% similar lime refreshing juicy neon winged eyes makeup this summer 2015:

Step-By-Step Tutorial:

Lime-Shaded -Eye-Makeup-Tutorial-Step-by-Step

The step-by-step instruction for the creation of lime and green refreshing and neon juicy eyes makeup for summers is given below with picture illustration.

  • On the top of the entire eyelid (area from eye-lid to crease), apply a regular and thin layer of Eye prime. Close your eyes till it completely gets dry. It will let your eye makeup to last longer. Also use prime below the lower eye lid.
  • A fine layer of foundation is applied across both eyelids. For this purpose, primer or concealer can also be used. It helps fall eye makeup to look bolder and stay longer with a vibrant look.
  • On the outer half of the eyelid, apply light green or lime eye shadow using small eye makeup brush.
  • For covering the outer half of the eyelid, apply dark green or forest green eye shadow with angles small eyes brush.
  • Use a large eye makeup brush for proper blending of lime and green colors into each other.
  • Now pick light yellow eye shadow from the eye makeup kit and apply it to cover the remaining area of the eyelid.
  • Now select beige eye shadow from the makeup kit and apply it in the upper edges of the eye shadows for proper blending.
  • A neon green eye shadow is applied on the outer lower lash line for a refreshing and juicy summer effect.
  • Apply eye liner on your eye lid gently. For this purpose, a liner pencil, liquid eyeliner, wet eye shadow on an angled brush etc can be used to line eyelids.
  • Wear artificial eyelashes for a more stylish eye makeup look that will glow in it.
  • For giving volume, length and definition to your eye lashes, use mascara after curling your lashes gently. Use mascara as the way you like either single or multiple coats, or either on just upper or upper plus lower lid.

The perfect summer eye makeup using different shades of green, lime and neon is finished. Refresh your hot summer days with our juicy refreshing winged eyes makeup. Try it now!!!


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