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Lip-Liner Application Tips to Get Lips in Shape!


Lip-liner is one of the beauty products that when it is not applied correctly, it can make an obvious impression that you are wearing makeup on lips. How to apply lip-liner correctly to get lip shape can be troublesome most of the times. Obviously, we all want natural lip makeup look, instead of a fake lip look. If lip-liner is overdrawn, then it will give a harsh and cheap look to your lips and overall beauty of your face. If you apply your lip liner in a subtle, gorgeous and appropriate way, then definitely your lips will look younger, fuller and more defined.

ProLadiesTips brings you the golden tips to apply lip-liner correctly for lips shape. Lips should be soft and kissable, so there is no place left for rigid lip lines here. Lip gloss and lipstick adhere on lips because of lip-liner, therefore perfectly apply lip-liner to increase the staying power and also prevent the colors to bleed into fine lines on lips. Create the lips you have always wanted by making the most of your beautiful smile with our recommended simple tricks to apply lip-liner for any lip shape.

1.      Lip-Liner Tip to Make Lips Fuller:

  • Matching shades of lipstick and lip liner should be used if you want to make your lips look fuller.
  • Lighter colors should be chosen as darker tones can make lips look smaller.
  • Lip pencil should be used to define lips.
  • Apply lip liner to the outermost edge of lips, but be careful to avoid going outside the natural lip line.
  • The entire area of lip should be filled with lip liner as it will make your lipstick to stay longer on lips.
  • Apply lipstick over lip liner and see how your lip liner created fuller lips.

2.      Lip-Liner Tip to Make Lips Thinner & Smaller:

  • Trace inside the natural lip line using your lip liner.
  • Apply lipstick to fill inside area of lips.
  • Always go for a matte shade of lipstick for smaller and thinner lips makeup.

3.      Lip-Liner Tip to Make Lips Wider:

  • Try accentuating the wonderful with of your mouth, instead of going to plump up thin lips.
  • Pick such a lip liner that perfectly matches the shade of your lipstick.
  • Apply lip liner to the extreme edges of lips. Also extend towards the outer corners of lips.
  • Apply lipstick to fill in.
  • Apply the top coast of a lip gloss. Be careful as lip gloss should be applied only to the middle of lips.

4.      Lip-Liner Tip to Add Natural Definition:

  • Use a neutral colored pencil to give your lips a strong line.
  • A few strokes of the lip brush of a sheer gloss should be applied to fill in lips in such a way that it also blends well to the edges of lips.
  • Get is naturally shimmery and moist-looking lips in 2 seconds with our lip liner magic.

Do you know any lip liner application magic for beautiful lips for your friends??? Share with share with us on Pro G+ Page. Don’t miss to check out 10 Natural Tips to Make Your Lips Pink and Soft Naturally.

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