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Loose Curls Hairstyle Tutorial for all types of Hairs

Loose Curls Hairstyle Tutorial for all types of Hairs

Loose curls are the best fashion for hairstyle for every event and occasion. There are so many loose curly hairstyles that you can give to your long, short and even medium hair. Loose curl perm, loose curl weave, loose curl bob and everything about loose curls hairstyles is the desire of every girl to have a perfect fashion and style for her beautiful hair.

Step-By-Step Tutorial for Loose Curls Hairstyle:

We have divided our tutorial for loose curls hair into 4 simple steps so our readers can easily follow them. We are also posting picture illustration for loose curls hair tutorial for better perception. Go ahead to give stunning celebrity-look loose curls to your lovely hairs in full fashion zone!!!


  • Apply a heat protectant on your hair before using hot tools on hair.
  • Section your hair by any of the method you prefer. Either pin your some hair up from the nape of your neck while working or pull hair from the back side while working towards the front side.
  • Choose that size of barrel for your tool that is similar with the desired size of the curl or with the looseness of hair waves. For e.g. if you select bigger barrel, your curls will be looser.
  • If you want loose curls hair, select 1 inch section. Insert hair into the open barrel. Keep the barrel at such an angel that is pointing towards the top of the hair shaft. It means it should be as close to the scalp as possible but not to the hair ends.


  • Rotate your hair around the barrel until the hair is wound. Wrap your hair in desired direction i.e. either away or towards face. We suggest you to rotate hair away from the face. Move the barrel down the hair shaft after each turn while turning hair iron to curl. With one hand, try to hold hair ends and with the other hand, curl your hair. It will facilitate for controlling hair as well as for keeping hair taut while loose curling your hair. Drop hair ends from your hand as the barrel is turned so hair could be turned. As the barrel slides down, pick the ends back up.
  • Move the iron around with ease so the control could be smoother. Depending on the side of the head worked down upon as well as the working hand, direct the iron either angled up or down.


  • To smooth the ends, feed them into the barrel at the end for a short time span as longer heat is not required here.
  • Keep hair away from face that is framing your face. Once you are done with the hair around head, break up the curls by passing your fingers thoroughly to give loose and tousled curls to your hair.


  • Use a light finishing spray to spray onto your hair.
  • A light spray wax can also be used to give a more pieces-look to your hair. Don’t over-use wax as it will let the hair curls to weigh down.

Image Tutorial:

Loose Curls Hairstyle Tutorial for Long Hairs

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