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Lustrous Silver Black Cut-Crease Smokey Eye Makeup for Fall

Lustrous Silver Black Cut-Crease Smokey Eye Makeup for Fall

Brown eyes are the most ordinary and common eyes color. ProLadiesTips brings the most appealing cut-crease eye makeup for brown eyes using silver and black smokey eye makeup technique. Apply the lustrous silver and black eye makeup with cut-crease eyeliner this fall season. It is a fabulous silver black smokey eye shadow makeup with proper tips and instructions that can bring a magnificent change with the best smokey eye makeup of autumn. Really, it is very simple and awesome smokey eyes makeup with cut crease winged eye liner.

Things Needed:

Step-By-Step Tutorial:

The only thing required to professionally doing this hot and sexy smokey eye make-up of silver luster and black eye shadow is the proper blending of shadows. Follow our given instructions to try it on your own eyes:

  1. Apply concealer on the upper as well as lower eyelids. Dap it and then rub properly.
  2. Apply a brown or golden or any other moonshadow from the makeup kit, as per your preference. Here in our tutorial, we use brown luster eye shadow and blended it properly.
  3. Apply an eye shadow sealer on the eyelids already covered with eye shadow. An eye shadow sealer helps the eye shadow makeup to long last wear on your eyelids.
  4. Apply black eye shadow pencil on the lower corner of your eyelid.
  5. Blend black eye shadow with the brownish to golden eye shadow applied previously. Blend it properly using a proper medium sized eye shadow brush for a salon smokey eye makeup look.
  6. Now, apply powered or matte form of black eye shadow over the black pencil eye shadow. Blend it properly using a small eye shadow brush.
  7. In the middle area of your upper eyelid, apply silver eye shadow. You can go for a glitter or a luster silver eye shadow. Blend it with black eye shadow sufficiently.
  8. Now, highlight the brow bone using a silver eye shadow dust powder. Use a curve angled eye makeup rush to apply silver dust shadow on your brow bone.
  9. Apply black eye shadow using eye shadow pencil on the lower lashline too for a more fascinating black and silver dust smokey winged eyes makeup.
  10. Apply liquid eyeliner along with the upper lashline carefully.
  11. Highlight the waterline using shimmer liquid eyeliner in silver color.
  12. Below the liner, apply glitter liner to for more sparkling smoky eyes.
  13. Wear artificial eye lashes and apply mascara over it carefully. Remove any fallen traces of mascara from the lashes.

The final look of your lovely and glamorous silver and lack smokey winged eyes make-up is all set ready for any night party or event!!!

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