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Makeup Trick to Hide Dark Circles & Under-Eye Bags


To increase brightness of your eyes and overall glow of face, concealing dark circles and under-eye bags is of prime importance. Dark circles and puffiness under eyes can be simply and quickly concealed and covered up using makeup you are wearing. Eyes appear dull and leave a bad impression when dark circles are all around. Put on such a makeup to hide dark circles around eyes that make your eyes fresh and sparkling. To make your eyes look more beautiful and attractive, ProLadiesTips is giving you the ultimate makeup tips & tricks to hide dark circles and under-eye bags.

6 Steps To Cover-Up & Conceal Dark Circles & Puffiness With Makeup:

Follow the given easy and simple steps to hide your dark circles within few minutes:

1.      Wash Face & Eyes:

  • Wash your face and eyes before makeup using a good cleanser and rinsing with cold water. Check our recommended Natural Homemade Facial Cleansers.
  • The blood flow as well as puffiness under eyes is reduced by washing eyes.
  • Cleansing your face also results in cleaning the skin around eyes that becomes easy to manage.

2.      Moisturize Face & Dark Circles:

  • Moisturize your face especially the area around eyes where dark circles are prone to appear.
  • Moisturizer should be applied by lightly dabbing the skin without pulling it. You can make any Best Homemade Natural Moisturizers for face and skin from our recipes.

3.      Choose Suitable Concealer:

  • Choose such shade of concealer to hide dark circles that is lighter than the natural tone of your skin.
  • Concealers are available in 2 types, tube and stick form. Stick concealers are more suitable as these are more opaque, thicker and dryer than the tube concealers.
  • In case of wrinkled skin, tube concealers are best as they give extra moisture to under-eye skin.
  • To hide blue tones under eyes, you can choose a peach or yellow tinted concealer.

4.      Apply Concealer Following Foundation:

  • A patchy effect around the eyes can be formed if you apply and run concealer before foundation base. A lesser amount of concealer is needed after foundation skin coverage is already given by it.
  • Concealer on area under eyes should be applied using your finger tips or a good quality makeup brush. Ring finger should be used particularly as it applies the least pressure.
  • Concealer should be dabbed properly and blended nicely under the eyes. Also the concealer should be smooth and even.

5.      Set Concealer Using Powder:

  • Under the eyes, brush powder over the concealer to cover it properly as it increases the staying capacity of concealer.
  • Blending powder in concealer also provides more coverage and concealer lasts all day long. Must note that extra powder should be removed carefully and nicely.

6.      Apply Eye-Shadow:

  • On the skin at tear duct area, any shade of shimming beige or white eye shadow should be applied as it brightens up your eyes quickly and make your eyes popping up.
  • A light shimmer eye shadow also helps to draw attention away from dark circles, puffiness and under-eye bags.
  • A white eye liner can be used under the eye shadow to enhance its staying capacity.

Follow the quick makeup guide to hide dark circles using concealer and shadow and share the results with us on Pro G+ Page. Also check Latest Stylish Eyes Makeup Tutorials from our portfolio.

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