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Mermaid Half Braid Hairstyle

Mermaid Half Braid Hairstyle

Mermaid Braid hairstyles are very popular among girls of all age. For cute little girls, Mermaid Half Braid hairstyle is perfect. When it comes about long hairs, then Mermaid Fish Tail braid is the best option. You can also incorporate your own creativity in your Mermaid braids. The best example is of incorporation of waterfall twists into mermaid braid that can give you a diving mermaid braid hair look. From multi strand braids to twisted romantic braids, you will find a long collection of Mermaid Braid hairstyles for girls.

Mermaid Half Braid Hairstyle is the all time favorite hairstyle that you can ask any girl. Whether it is about a casual easy hairstyle or a party or wedding stylish hairstyle, Mermaid Half Braid Hairstyle is simply the best. We are presenting tips and tutorials of Mermaid Half Braid Hairstyle to our ladies who want the best looking hairstyle for themselves at any occasion. In my opinion, Mermaid Half Braid Hairstyle best works for long hair.

Mermaid Half Braid hairstyle is created in a half-up and half-down manner with the inclusion of beautiful stands in it. You can also compare Mermaid Half Braid with a Lace Braid. The only difference is that of the addition of strands on both sides of the braid that are added on single side in case of Lace Braid. Mermaid Half Braid is very easy that require just 4-5minutes to be done.

Things Needed For Mermaid Half Braid:

Mermaid Half Braid Hairstyle

Step-By-Step Tutorial:

  • For the creation of fine sleek look to your hair, straighten the hair as the base.
  • Towards the back of your head, comb hair.
  • Down the center of your head, create a middle part. Must sure that after parting hair into 2, they must fall straight downward.
  • Pick up one small strand from your hair from the front near the temple by going to each side of your hair. Here the point of consideration is that all picked up strands should be from the front side.
  • From the left side, a 2nd individual strand of hair is picked up.
  • Now, 3 strands of hair should be there. To give them a fastened and secured braid look, some spray wax, pomade or water can be used. It will help you for uniformity of hair strands as well as their separation from each other.
  • With these 3 strands, start making regular braid stitch.
  • The pieces should not be pulled too tight so that the mermaid braid could drape softly. Furthermore, if you would not pull strands tight, it will facilitate the strands to curtain naturally. Be sure that just near to the base of your head, the 1st stitch should be hanging in right form.
  • Form the front of each side, a new thin strand of hair is pulled before the beginning of 2nd stitch. It is done in same manner as that of regular French braid.
  • To about 4inches, continue to make the braid down. When you reach about 4inches, do not add further new hair strands.
  • Now continue the regular simple three-strand braid.
  • With hair elastic, secure mermaid half braid.
  • At the final step, embellish your mermaid half braid with hair bows and other accessories, if desired.

Video Tutorial:

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