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Modern Stamping with Purjoi Nail Art Tutorial

Stamping with Purjoi Nail Art Tutorial

Modern fashion nails require quick time for their appealing look. For this reason, modern Stamping Nail Art kits are available very easily. These nail art stamping is done by nail-imprinting kits in which you put the pre-designed nail designs and apply these onto your nails by stamping. We present Nail Stamping tutorial in which within minutes you can get stylish nail art designs with perfection. Get the desired nail art stamping plate of your own choice at suitable price from Amazon and eBay or a nearest cosmetic store. It is among some of the best 3D nail art designs that you had ever wish for.

Things Needed:

  • Bare Bone nail polish (Base color)
  • Jet Black nail polish (Designing)
  • Top coat nail paint (Transparency)
  • Nail Art Stamping Kit
  • Image Plate or Stamper or Scrapper.

Step-By-Step Tutorial:

  • Start with a base color. Here we used Bare Bone nail paint as the base coat color.
  • Pick the Image Plate (nail art plate) or Stamper or Scrapper. Both will follow the same procedure.
  • Paint a thick layer of another color on the pattern or design that you want. Here we used black color nail paint to apply stamping design in our nail art tutorial.
  • The scrapper is pulled firmly so that only the nail art design will leave on it. If you are using a nail art image plate or stamping plate, do the same procedure for it.
  • In a rolling motion, stamper is firmly pressed across the plate to pick up the nail art pattern design.
  • The edge of pattern and nail are lined up.
  • On the nail, the design is placed by rolling and pressing the stamper left to right.
  • Cuticles are finally cleaned up. Apply a top coat to the nail art stamping design.

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