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Perfect-Pink & Fuchsia Creative Party Eye Makeup Tutorial

Fashionable and Striking Party Eye Makeup

If you are looking for a Fashionable and Striking Party Eye Makeup using Fuchsia Smoky Eye Makeup technique, then ProLadiesTips brings you the most Lovely Pink Eye Makeup that can fit in all occasions and events. Whether it is a night party or a day wedding, our Tea-Pink Sexy Smokey Eye Makeup can make your day. For all occasion, an attractive eye makeup is very important and this Fashion Diva Pink Eye Makeup is just perfect. Try this best party eyes makeup ever to shine the night!!!

Things Needed:

Apply our recommended products to get 100% similar amazing Natural and Artistic Fuchsia Pinkish Smoky Eyes Makeup tutorial:

  1. Pink Eye Shadow Dust Powder (We used Graftobian FantasEyes Eye Shadow-Fuchsia Fervor)
  2. Eye Makeup Tools Kit Set (We used Diane Eyeshadow Applicator Double-Sided)
  3. Fuchsia Eye Shadow Pellet (We used ephora Glittering Eye Duo 2-in-1 Glitter & Primer-Fuchsia)
  4. Black Eye Shadow Pencil (We used Maybelline New York Eye Studio Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner)
  5. Eye Liner (We used Maybelline New York Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner)
  6. Eye Lashes Curler (We used Deluxe Lash Curler)
  7. Eye Lashes Mascara ( We used L’Oreal Paris Double Extend Beauty Tubes Mascara)
  8. False Eye Lashes (We used Dimart 10 Pairs Black Long Thick Soft Reusable False Eyelashes)

Step-By-Step Tutorial:

Follow the simple and easiest step wise tutorial of Perfect Fuchsia Pink Smokey Eye Makeup for evening and day events and parties:

  • On the top of the entire eyelid (area from eye-lid to crease), apply a regular and thin layer of Eye prime.
  • Using a large eye makeup brush, apply fuchsia pink eye shadow powder on the upper eye lid till the crease portion.
  • Now draw a regular crease line on the upper eye lid using a black eye liner stick or black eye liner pencil, as shown in the picture. Draw in such a way that it properly creases the pink eye shadow on the lid.
  • Fill the area between upper lashline and crease with pink eye shadow shimmery dust powder, just above the pink eye shadow. Use a small sized eye makeup brush for this purpose.
  • Now darken the crease and upper lash line lining using a black eye liner to draw a card black solid line. Both of these eye linings will surround the pink eye shadow on the lid portion just as its borders.
  • Apply pink eye shadow on the lower lash line using smallest eye makeup brush.
  • Curl your natural eye lashes and apply mascara. If you are satisfied with the natural one, apply false bigger lashes and give them volume using mascara.

Sweet Pink and Sexy Fuchsia Party Eye Makeup is sparkling on your eyes now. Wear it and rush to any time party with confidence with this Classy Party Eye Makeup Using Fuchsia Eye Shadow and Shimmer!!!

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