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Ridiculously Sexy Black & Brown Smokey Eye Makeup

Ridiculously Sexy Black & Brown Smokey Eye Makeup

For your next night out, whether a party, a dinner, prom night or a date-night, try this ridiculously amazing and sexy-looking black and brown smokey eyes makeup that is perfect not only for brown or black eyes, but it will pull the glamorous out of your any other shade eyes. Brown and black eye shades are very trendy and classy that can give you a model eye smokey makeup look. So shine the night with your glamorous and sparkling black and brown smokey eyes makeup!!!

Sexy black and brown smokey eye makeup tutorial just needs your artful application of eye shadow strokes as well as their proper blending. Also you do not need any expensive tools or makeup kit sets. Follow our brown and black shiny smoky eye makeup instruction step-by-step to have glamorous and feminist eyes that can mesmerize anyone, irresistibly at any night party event easily.

Things Needed:

Step-By-Step Tutorial:

Sexy smoky eye makeup using black and brown eye shades with some shiny brown luster can easily be created around any colored eyes for a night part eye makeup look by following the simple and easy steps that Proladiestips brings to you as follows:

  • On the top of the entire eyelid (area from eye-lid to crease), apply a regular and thin layer of Eye prime. Close your eyes till it completely gets dry. Also use prime below the lower eye lid. It helps smoky makeup to look bolder and stay longer with a sexy and sharp look.
  • Trace the eye lashed using eye pencil. Start from the inner side and as you go towards outer, thicker the line for a more sexy eye liner look suitable for a smokey eye makeup
  • Closer to the lash line, apply brown eye shadow by sweeping it using eye shadow brush for diffusing the eyeliner. Now pick the same brown or a bit darker shade of brown eye shadow to cover the middle portion of eyelid till the crease with light strokes.
  • For giving a sexy smokey eye makeup look, use black eye shadow as the darkest shade of smoky eye. Trace along the crease and lid of eye as well as also flick out towards the corner of brow bone.
  • To the brow bone, you can also apply a slightly glitter or shimmering shade of the same brown eye shadow. It will further compliment your eye smoky eyes as you can see that we used brown shimmer luster eye shade dust in our tutorial.
  • To give a night party smoky look to eyes, use a small eye brush to properly blend shadows. It will give a professional black and coffee brown smokey delight to your eyes.
  • Apply eye liner on your eye lid gently. For this purpose, a liner pencil, liquid eyeliner, wet eye shadow on an angled brush etc can be used to line eyelids.
  • For giving volume, length and definition to your eye lashes, use mascara after curling your lashes gently. Use mascara as the way you like either single or multiple coats, or either on just upper or upper plus lower lid.
  • The perfect and best-looking choco brown and black smoky night-party eye makeup is ready for you to shine in any night party event you want!!!

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