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Saucy Nails – Fashionable Nail Art Tutorial

Saucy Nails - Fashionable Nail Art Tutorial

Nail Art is the absolute fashion and style that you can achieve every day differently to give a fashionable and sexy look to your nails. If you have beautiful hands and nails, augment their beauty with our 3D nail art designs that can make your nail art as the spot light feature. Have a look at our shocking pink and black nail art design that is dipping the nails of model in a sparkly glamorous style. These nails are perfect to pick for any night event or party. The nail art accessories are also embellished in the form of bows and roses that are further mesmerizing the best nail art of this year.

Things Needed:

  • Shocking Pink nail paint (Base color)
  • Black nail paint (base color)
  • White nail polish (For Decorating nail art)
  • Nail art Ceramic Accessories (Bows, Roses, Leaves etc)
  • Nail glue
  • Nail filer

Step-By-Step Tutorial:

  • First of all, give a slightly pointed shape to your nails using a nail filer as this shape is the prime and attractive feature of this cute nail art design.
  • Apply black and shocking pink nail polish on your nails. The choice depends on your own.
  • Next, pick up some cool nail accessories to embellish your nails. Here we used bows, 3D ceramic roses and leaves as 3D nail accessories. These can be made up of ceramic, plastic or any other material of your own choice. Stick them with your nails using nail glue.
  • Now, pick up black nail paint and apply dots and lines wherever you want to. You can have an idea from our nail design too. It is not so restrictive. Be creative in your own nail art design ideas.
  • Take white nail polish and do the same as you have did with black one for the application of dots and lines in your nail art pattern.
  • Finally, clean up the nail cuticle for a finished look of your trendy and model-like glamorous nail art design.

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