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Scissor Waterfall Combo Hairstyle (Latest Hair Fashion)

Scissor Waterfall Combo Hairstyle

Scissor Waterfall Braid Combo is a really unique latest hairstyle in which a braid is created like the crown of your head. On either side of braid, hair falls openly just as similar as water waves. A messy fishtail braid is used in the center. Scissor Waterfall Braid Combo hairstyle is all about the combination of several base waves that are created using a deep-V waver and a messy fishtail braid surrounded by the scissor waterfalls. To have this gorgeous braid, you just need 20minutes and passion for having stylish braid hairstyle. This is a combo hairstyle of braid and waves. You can wear it everywhere and each occasion. It is just beautiful hairstyle for all lovely girls. See the step wise tutorial of Scissor Waterfall Braid Combo Hairstyle to be a pro in it.

Things Needed For Scissor Waterfall Braid Combo Hairstyle:

Scissor Waterfall Combo Hairstyle

Step-By-Step Tutorial:

  1. Slightly off to 1 side, part hair. If you feel inclined, then part hair to a middle part.
  2. From the ear, a large enough section of hair is picked up to the part line.
  3. This section is divided into 4 equal hair strands; Strand #1 and Strand #4 will be the outside hair pieces while Strand #2 and Strand #3 will be the middle one hair strands.
  4. Strand #2 and Strand #3 (two middle pieces) are taken and crossed to switch their places.
  5. Strand #1 and Strand #4 (two outside pieces) are taken and switched with 2 middle strands to transform them into the new middle pieces. Note you are left with the new outside edges (Strands #1 & 4) and the middle ones (Strands #2 & 3)
  6. Strands #2 & 3 (middle strands) are taken and combined together to form a new strands for now.
  7. Strand #1 (top one) is now taken and brought across the 2 middle pieces. Strand #4 (bottom one) are combined with it. In this way, the 1st stitch of your braid is created.
  8. From close to the part line, a small strand of hair is picked up and taken over Strands #2 & 3 (the combined middle one) but it should be under Strand #4 (bottom one) and dropped. It will create the 1st waterfall strand.
  9. The middle strand is separated back into the two original strands i.e. Strands #2 & 3. Similarly, outside edges are also separated back into Strands #1 & 4.
  10. The outside strands are now taken and switched with the middle strands as done in the Step #4 and the numbers are started for a second time.
  11. Steps #4-9 are repeated for putting further waterfall stitches, again and again, until the desired braid length is achieved. As an alternative, one long wrap-around braid can also be done, bringing two back and then tying these to create a Combo braid or an Accent braid.
  12. When the waterfall portion of this braid is done, a few simple braid stitches are created after that and secured with a rubber band temporarily.
  13. On the other side of the head, Scissor Waterfall Braid is repeated.
  14. After the completion of both braids, these are brought to the back side. Remove the temporarily secured rubber band. Secure both braid together again using a rubber band.
  15. Next, a Fishtail Braid is created with the just combined hair strands. You can also pancake these for a messy look and finally secured with a rubber band.
  16. Using a nail clipper, cut the top rubber band. It will facilitate the flow of waterfall portion into the fishtail braid.
  17. At the final step, embellish Scissor Waterfall Braid Combo Hairstyle with hairspray and other accessories, if desired.

Video Tutorial:

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